VALINA, Worldline

The phenomenal speed of change towards a cashless society here in the UK has dramatically changed the vending industry. It is predicted by UK Finance Organisation that by 2028 just 9% of all payments will be cash, that’s compared with 28% in 2018.

All merchants including vending machine operatives need the ability to keep pace. The VALINA from Worldline enables businesses to face this change with the industry’s first all-in-one Android based payment terminal.

The VALINA enables Contactless payments, Chip and PIN on glass and magstripe payments, in a small and convenient terminal which can be easily integrated into any vending machine. This ensures that no opportunity for a sale is lost. Customers can use debit or credit card, Apple pay or Google-Pay to pay for their purchase. The VALINA is an intelligent payment terminal to future proof the vending business.

A further change which will impact on how we spend will come into force on March 14th 2020 when the next stage of Payments Services Directive version 2 comes into force, specifically Strong Customer Authentication. This regulation introduced by the FCA requires that after every 5th contactless purchases, when €150 is reached in total or when €100 is reached within 24 hours, whichever is met soonest, a consumer will need to authenticate their purchase with a PIN entry. This means Chip and Pin enabled payment devices will be needed for all unattended retail (bar a few exceptions including charity donations, transport, parking and EV Charging) to enable 100% of transactions to be completed. Without the option to enter a PIN the purchase will simply be declined and lost. The VALINA enables a frictionless payment experience for your customers, they won’t be faced with not being able to make a purchase because they can’t validate their card.

What does this mean for vending operators:

The VALINA enables a potential sales uplift of up to 20%, this is comparative to a cash only vending machine and predictions for future loss of sales without a PIN entry option. A potential customer will simply go elsewhere if they can’t make their purchase. In addition, we have already seen for self-service kiosk in fast food restaurants a 30% uplift in individual transactions.

The VALINA allows a true unattended card payment experience to be created. They won’t be restricted by the current £30 contactless limit as the VALINA will automatically enables the customer to enter their PIN – making it the perfect terminal for all products to be purchased through vending including high value vending. This opens up potential new opportunities and uses for a vending machine sale, some examples have been seen in hotels for Champagne vending and even emergency engagement rings! Not something typically associated with a vending machine. The VALINA has been installed on the Tiffany Vending machine in their Covent Garden store ( see PR on this here: ). Worldline delivered the first UK unattended VALINA payment terminal to luxury retailer Tiffany & Co in London in September 2018, enabling customers to purchase the new Tiffany perfume.

The android based device enables vendors to introduce loyalty programmes for customers, therefore enabling the Vending Industry to offer promotions directly to its end consumer. Its open architecture means a wide range of communications, direct advertising and data-gathering possibilities can easily be added. The introduction of a secure ANDROID Operating System opens an entire new world to our partners willing to enrich the interface with multimedia touchscreen, and value-added payment and non-payment applications such as loyalty, couponing, wallets.

A secure and trusted device – the VALINA is both weather and vandal proof and PCI PTS 4/5 certified, extending its use to outdoor applications such as a large UK city bike hire terminals payment solution, train station vending machines and much more. The VALINA is designed to withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions, a robust testing system ensures it is designed to future proof your business (see PR on this here: )

The compact device complies with all the European Vending Association standards (EVA-CVS).

The VALINA truly offers a seamless and frictionless purchasing experience to the consumer, which will ultimately result in the wider use of vending, enabling a wider range of low and high value products to be sold. The VALINA is the intelligent payment system to future proof the vending industry.