Roll of Honour

Supplier Categories

Best Machine Innovation

2018 Novara Protein Shake Solution, Coffetek Azkoyen

2017 Coffetek Vitro M3 Fresh Milk Innovation, Coffetek Limited

2016 Button Barista App, Coffetek Limited

2015 Coffetek’s Button Gourmet

2014 (Best Machine Company) Coffetek

Best Ancillary Product or Service

2018 Vendmanager, SB software

2017 Vendmanager, SB Software

2016 Siemens Financial Services

2015 Safer Systems UK’s Defend-A-Vend Security Housing

2014 Allpure

Best Payment System

2018 VPOS Touch, Nayax

2017 VPOS, Nayax

2016 VPOS Card reader with telemetry and management system, Nayax

2015 World Key Cashless System and Currenza C2 coin recycler, SUZOHAPP

Best Snack/Confectionery Product

2018 Burts Crispy Smoked Bacon Crisps, Burts Chips
2017 Levi Roots Reggae Reggae, Burts Potato Chips
2016 KETTLE Chips Handy Packs, Kettle Foods
2015 Burts Potato Chips’ Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Groove Cut Crisps

Best Beverage Brand

2018 Le Royal Choco Green, Barry Callebaut Beverages
2017 Lavazza
2016 Lavazza Coffee LTD
2015 Lavazza UK
2014 Lavazza

Best New Product

2018 Jim Beam Original BBQ, Burts Chips
2017 The Primo Touch, Westomatic Vending Services
2016 Hobgoblin Spit Roast Steak, Burts Potato Chips
2015 Burts Potato Chips’ Guinness Rich Beef Chilli Chips

Best Healthy & Well Being Product

2016 Lentil Waves Thai Sweet Chilli, Burts Potato Chips
2015 Burts Potato Chips’ Lentil Waves Sour Cream and Chive

Best Customer Service - Supplier

2018 Client Support Team – SB Software
2017 Siemens Financial Services

Best Supplier Website

2018 Westomatic & WestoNET – Westomatic Vending Services
2017 Coffetek Customer Web, Coffetek Limited

Best Environmental Initiative

2016 BRITA Professional’s ongoing commitment to the environment
2014 Brita

Best Vending Cup

2016 Benders Paper Cups
2015 Benders Paper Cups
2014 Huhtamaki

Operator Categories

Best Overall Operator

2018 Excel Vending

2017 Express Vending

2015 Best Vending Operator (less than £2 million annual turnover) Abercromby Vending

2015 Best Vending Operator (£2-5 million annual turnover) Excel Vending

2015 Best Vending Operator (£5-9 million annual turnover) Connect Vending

2015 Best Vending Operator (£10 million and above) The Broderick Group

Best Route Operator

2018 Hannah Brown, Express Vending

2017 Joanna Cunliffe, Uvenco UK

2015 Lisa Blythe, SnackTime

2014 Nicola Honour, Express Vending

Best Service Engineer

2018 Simon Trott, Apple Vending & Catering Services

2017 Dave Grist, Express Vending

2015 Dave Bryant, SnackTime

2014 Peter Collings, Cambridge Vending

Best Area Manager

2018 Ann-Marie Fox, Apple Vending
2014 Tricia Connelly, Excel Vending

Best Customer Service - Operator

2018 Amy Brown, Express Vending
2017 Stephanie Jones, Express Vending

Best Regional Operator

2018 Excel Vending

Best Operator Website

2018 Express Vending

Best Newcomer

2017 Mr Lee’s Noodle Kiosks, Mr Lee’s Pure Foods
2015 Healthy Nibbles

Marketing Campaign of the Year

2017 Express Vending

Lifetime Achievement Award

2018 Steve Gallagher, GEM Vending
2015 Roger Williams, Coin-a-Drink

Water Categories

Customer Service Award - water

2018 Divine Water Aftersales & Delivery Drivers – Divine Water Company

Best Quality Service Award - Operator

2017 David Hilton, Maestro Pressure Coolers

Supplier Recognition Award

2018 Abbeychart Installation and Kitting Service, Abbeychart

Innovation Recognition Award

2018 Reducing Environmental Impact (water sector), 4 Aces Ltd

Outstanding Contribution Award

2018 Tracy Corroll, EDWCA

Best Environmental Initiative

2017 The Arctic Star 55 with ECO Mode, AA First
2015 Parcel Holders’ PUDOS Initiative
2014 AA First

Best Innovation of the Year

2017 WPD 100/200/600 Advanced, Alfred Karcher GmbH & Co
2015 H20 Direct’s M9 Filter Service Cartridge System
2014 H20

Water Distributor of the Year

2015 Divine Water

Best New Product

2014 Watership Down

Best Marketing Campaign

2014 H20