Supplier Categories

Best Machine Innovation

Best Payment System

Best Beverage Brand

Best Snack/Confectionery Product

Best New Product 

Best Ancillary Product or Service

Best Supplier Website

Customer Service Award – Supplier

Best Healthy Product 

Best Sustainable product 

corporate social responsibility award 

Operator Categories

Best Regional Operator

Best National Operator

Best Overall Operator

Best Route Operator

Best Service Engineer

Best Area Manager

Best Operator Website

Best Customer Service – Operator

Lifetime Achievement



This special award, open to both suppliers and operatrs will recognise an individual who has served the vending industry for more than 20 years and played a significant role in its success.

Nominees must meet the following criteria in order to be bestowed with this prestigious Award:

  • A clear commitment to working in the vending industry as a career.
  • Consistent application of good practice
  • Examples of going the ‘extra mile’
  • Excellence as a representative of the vending industry to the customer and wider business community.
  • Active membership of professional bodies and initiatives (associations, professional institutions, charities, etc).
  • High level of respect among colleagues and peers.