Platinum Ivory, So Pure Coffee

So Pure Coffee’s Platinum Ivory brings to the fore all the benefits of barista-made coffee, accessed directly through the click of one button. Combining cutting-edge technology, solution-based engineering, a user-friendly interface, and sleek and sophisticated frontage; the Platinum Ivory is the cream – or the dairy-free equivalent – of the vending coffee crop.

With Managing Director, Suky Matharu, having been in the industry since 1992 it’s no surprise that So Pure Beverage Technology offers the highest quality of coffee vending and home-machines in the industry. Following a re-brand seven years ago, So Pure took its coffee expertise and paved the way for the new generation of coffee equipment and high-tech engineering.

The company, based in Wolverhampton, offers an impressive range of tabletop machines boasting Swiss-made precision and design, delivering the latest in coffee technology at just the touch of a button. The brand’s innovations, from design through to manufacture, align beverage technology to the progressive pace of a modern digital world, supplying commercial clients all over the world.

The latest machine in So Pure Beverage Technology’s ever-expanding range, the Platinum Ivory, launched last year to huge industry acclaim; featured by both UK News Group and Business Mondays as one to watch in 2021. The most advanced fresh milk tabletop coffee machine on the market, the Platinum Ivory is designed to produce that perfect fresh milk foam for a variety of coffee-based drinks, every single time.

Drawing on years of experience crafting the perfect espresso, So Pure’s state-of-the-art Ivory edition uses the latest milk foaming technology to offer the ultimate fresh milk barista experience and taste. Incorporating the most advanced in high-end dual heater systems to reach temperature in just a fraction of a second, the Ivory machine uses 100% fresh milk, giving it that unrivalled barista taste.

Most importantly – and impressively – the technology has opened the door for more diverse options than ever before, as plant-based alternatives perform equally as well as dairy in the machine. From oat and soy, to almond and coconut, the Platinum Ivory machine creates perfect micro-foam, no matter the type of milk.

With a record-breaking 500,000 sign ups recorded last month for this year’s Veganuary campaign, the demand for alternatives, such as plant-based milk, has surged across the UK. Determined to ensure customers won’t have to compromise on the perfectly crafted cup of coffee based on their dietary requirements, So Pure’s newest machine creates a uniform performance, meaning no one misses out on their perfect serve. The team at So Pure Coffee is passionate about pioneering the way for equality – despite dietary requirements – and believes wholeheartedly in the importance of companies making the effort to adapt and improve services to cater for all needs. That’s why So Pure is so proud to be able to manufacture a machine that is able to offer alternatives without compromising on taste.

The company has already partnered with renowned Birmingham-based vegan restaurant, Land, earlier this year in order to ensure that the fine dining experience and service delivered by the team doesn’t just stop at the food. Having been reviewed by the Guardian’s Jay Rayner to huge acclaim and the statement that they are making vegan food exciting for all, the team at Land know what the best in the business looks like. This is what led them to the decision to update their machines in the restaurant to So Pure’s model in order to keep up with the alternative milk trends and will be serving up the perfect espressos once they re-open.

Not only does this brand-new machine look good, work seamlessly and offer market-leading temperature control technology; but it also includes a patented automatic cleaning and rinsing programme, which guarantees a 100% clean system with minimal effort – simply the touch of a button. Cleanliness is something that the hospitality industry prides itself on, but with new cleaning procedures being more important than ever before, as we face the ongoing pandemic, the So Pure team is hopeful that this automatic cleaning system offers an extra level of both hygiene and peace of mind for those in the industry. So Pure’s patented system means that the machines adhere to the highest level of health and safety with every serve, something that is crucially important for all machines.