Nestle Professional – Nescafe Azera Nitro


Category: Best New Product

Name of Product: Nescafe Azera Nitro

Company Name: Nestlé Professional

Applicant Name: Megan Llewelyn

Company: Nestlé Professional


Beating the heat with a Chilled Nescafe Azera Nitro.
Whilst there are many ways to beat the summer heat, we at Nestle Professional like to cool down over a can of cold coffee. A hot coffee is still very enjoyable during the summer months, but there is something completely different about enjoying a smooth, refreshing coffee infused with Nitrogen.
Coffee remains the biggest contributor to the OOH drinks market with 69% of the population purchasing at least one coffee within the vending channel. Ready-to-drink coffee products are worth £66m to the UK and growing by 20% year on year. Add this to the fact that the UK iced beverage market is estimated at £338 million and you can understand why Nestle Professional has launched this brand new RTD cold product for coffee fans as one of its biggest evolutions for 2018.
The Coffee category OOH has developed beyond just hot products with chilled coffee products evolving to tap into new consumer moments. The coffee category is being shaped by the evolving needs of younger consumers at the beginning of their coffee journey who look for healthier, innovative and more experiential consumption moments. They lead busy lifestyles making RTD coffee attractive and have an expectation that their favourite coffees and formats will be available wherever and whenever. It is these consumers who are predominantly driving growth OOH and so in order to satisfy them, vending operators must tap into the latest coffee innovations one of which is the explosion of cold coffee.
Perfectly timed for the summer, Nescafé® Azera® Nitro is best served chilled and comes in Americano and Latte flavours. The Americano is a refreshing and smooth black coffee infused with nitrogen, whilst the Latte – a milky drink with coffee – offers a smooth and creamier tasting option.