Express Vending – Luke Enticknap


Category: Best Service Engineer

Name of Service Engineer: Luke Enticknap

Company Name: Express Vending

Applicant Name: Matt Sayers

Company: Express Vending



Luke Enticknap joined Express Vending in 2014 having previously worked in the vending industry in Australia. During his tenure at Express Vending, Luke has proven to be a huge asset to the team and is both well liked and very much respected throughout the company.

‘Can do, will do’ attitude:

Luke’s attitude to getting the job done is exemplary, he will work whatever hours are necessary to ensure that his daily to-do list is clear and that all of our clients are happy. Luke will often go out of his way to help his colleagues across all departments when needed.

Luke is a quiet, polite and modest man who goes about his business in a calm and professional manner. Luke prides himself on looking after ‘his’ clients and has a ‘the buck stops with me’ attitude regarding the delivery of the level of service that is required in order to ensure that his clients are happy.


Luke utilises his experience extremely well and he will always give time to impart the knowledge that he has gained onto anyone that requests it. Technically, Luke is self-sufficient service engineer and there appears to be no puzzle that Luke cannot solve. Living in Central London, Luke is perfectly placed to navigate the extremely testing streets of our Capitol City, Luke’s local knowledge is invaluable in enabling him to respond to his clients needs swiftly.

Service Engineer Position:

To provide a high-quality service to all customers and actively contribute to the overall improvements of the business by servicing and maintaining equipment to a high standard. As a Service Engineer your goal is to limit the volume of equipment failure through correct service and maintenance. As a Service Engineer your Ultimate goal is for the business to receive zero client complaints regarding technical reliability for machines deemed to be within your area of responsibility.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  1. To diagnose and repair faults on a complete range of Vending Equipment
  2. To ensure that whenever possible all work is completed at the first visit ensuring that every effort is made to prevent further breakdowns. If a return visit is necessary to complete any work the return visit must be carried out at the soonest opportunity.
  3. Continually review multiple fault equipment and ensure that any machine that displays persistent breakdowns is given the highest priority regarding repair.
  4. To hold and maintain the required level of spare parts on your vehicle when instructed
  5. To form and maintain a close working relationship with colleagues and clients with a view to providing the best possible service to our clients
  6. To attend various Training Courses to assist you to maintain the highest standard of workmanship.
  7. Maintain good customer relations by adopting a pleasant manner at all times.
  8. Ensure that all relevant company documentation is fully completed and returned to your Line Manager as requested each week and month to Head Office on time.
  9. Ensure that your personal appearance is kept to the standard required by the Company. A uniform is provided once your employment has been confirmed, and this must be worn at all times whilst on duty. It is your responsibility to ensure it is kept freshly laundered.
  10. Ensure that you comply with all Company and Statutory regulations regarding Health and Safety. To make yourself aware and observe all relevant health and safety rules and procedures on customer sites.

Colleague Testimonials:

Hi Guys,

I just want to say how much I love Luke, he has helped me out so much this year and honestly, I can’t thank him enough.

Luke is always willing to take on additional work, no matter when I ask or what I ask him to do he has never once moaned about it and just got on with it, always completing the work on time as required.

Just wanted to make you both aware,

Thank you

Chelsea Pearce

Call Centre Controller


I have worked with Luke for coming up to 5 years and I have always known him to be a genuinely approachable Guy who will go out of his way to help you.

It wasn’t until I started working more closely with Luke at the beginning of this year that I appreciated fully to who Luke is and what he does as an engineer. Statistically Luke is constantly excelling every month, producing impressive response times and 1st Time fix rates etc. Beyond that, the rapport he has with his clients is natural and I have yet to hear anything other than praise from them. Likewise, with his colleagues, whether fellow Engineers or form other departments within Express Vending I have only heard high compliments for the work he does, the help he gives and the way he represents the business. Luke will always go above and beyond with not only his own work but also helping others with theirs, delivering what he believes all clients deserve – World Class Service.


Tony Brown

Area Service Manager – London City East



I just want to thank you again for arranging for Luke to deliver and install the pod machine. It looks great and he showed me how to use it which I can pass onto the client.

Luke was great and went out of his way to help me with other bits that needed sorting as well which I really appreciate.

Thanks again,


Philippa Eaves

Customer Relationship Manager


Nomination by Michael English

“I know that as his manager I can rely on Luke totally to do all that he can to assist me, Express Vending and more importantly our customers.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Luke for Service Engineer of the Year at the 2018 AVA Awards.”

Michael English – Technical Services Manager