Last year, Westomatic embarked on a long-term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan, which will permeate across the entire organisation – even extending to new product development. 


On-site at its Devon HQ, Westomatic reuses cardboard boxes and recycles as much as is physically possible. The company’s nominated waste carrier also has a Zero-To-Landfill policy. 


Multiple marketing campaigns in 2020 focused on ‘remanufacture and reuse’ of vending machines. Rather than scrapping some older machines that operators might have lying around their warehouse, Westomatic has actively encouraged the remanufacture of these machines – saving them from potentially being sent to landfill, whilst enabling operators to generate additional revenue during these turbulent economic times. 


Using social media, Westomatic has been very vocal about the environment, and the negative impact things like single-use plastics have on it. The company was very actively involved in promoting Plastic Free July and World Environment Day. 


The company is driving to make a real difference to the environment and, in particular, is on a mission to contribute to the reduction – and eventual eradication – of single-use plastic bottle pollution. 


Over the last 12-months, even in unprecedented and difficult circumstances, Westomatic has launched two new innovative, eco-friendly machines. They are: 


  • H2O Hydration Station (water and juice dispenser)
  • EVOLVE (nutritional drinks dispenser) 


Both the H2O Hydration Station and EVOLVE have been designed and developed with sustainability in mind. The machines do not have the facility to hold disposable cups or bottles, and are designed to be used with an eco-friendly, refillable bottle. The machines are also fitted with a flash cooler, ensuring maximum energy efficiency (drinks are ‘flash’ cooled when dispensed).