Westomatic Vending Services Ltd – H20 Hydration Station


Category: Innovation Recognition Award

Name of Nominees: Westomatic Vending Services Ltd.

Company Name: Westomatic Vending Services Ltd.

Nominated by: Dan Tanner

Company Name: Westomatic Vending Services Ltd.



PRODUCTIVITY and workplace satisfaction is heavily influenced by staff remaining hydrated and remaining caffeinated. Bottles of water are not cheap, nor is replacing your office water bottle every few days. So at Westomatic, we built the H2O Hydration Station to provide an affordable and convenient water refill machine for any location.

As the world’s number one, life-sustaining beverage, water is in the news all of the time; whether it’s a hosepipe ban during a heatwave or the scandal of sending 60% of plastic bottles to landfill. The purchase and consumption of water as an off-the-shelf product is an important topic of discussion and businesses are looking for ways to enhance their green credentials and reduce waste.

Sales of bottled water outstripped soft drinks sales in 2016, but where is the market heading now? There has been a marked increase in public awareness about the volume of plastic waste generated, in particular by products such as bottled water. With this growth in awareness comes a decrease in the sustainability of the plastic bottle industry and a certainty that personal drinking bottles will become the norm in due course. Alongside this transition will come a greater need for machines capable of refilling water bottles.

If companies want to remain in good standing with the general public and indeed their own staff, then taking steps to save our blue planet by reducing their carbon footprint is absolutely necessary. The optics of one’s business have never been so important and it’s vital to remain proactive on the environmental front.

So what solutions does the H2O Hydration Station have to offer to this plethora of twenty first century issues?
Planet Friendly: Refills of bottles are encouraged, promoting reuse over disposal
User Friendly: Rinse your bottle, fill it with your chosen option and enjoy!
Drink Variety: Enjoy still, sparkling or flavoured water options. All chilled and UV filtered!
Bottle Sensor: Encourage reuse of drinking containers and help to cut down on plastic waste.
Cheap Operation: Connect to mains water supply and easily cater to high-footfall locations.
Payments: Ability to attach a payment pod and charge for refills.

Connect the H2O to mains water supply, and you’ll see how low running costs and maintenance time can really be. Using simple design and sturdy parts, we have created a water machine that requires minimal effort and delivers superb value, with an attractive fascia to encourage users to refill and remain hydrated!

Charging for water refills is possible with the payment pod, and in the right location it can be extremely lucrative. A recent large company bought a few of these machines for petrol station shops as an alternative water source as well as to combat the scourge of plastic bottles. They charged 50p for a 500ml water refill which, compared with the £1 plus that a bottle of water will set you back, is a good deal for customers. Needless to say this is a popular option amongst thirsty drivers and a lucrative purchase for the business.

The savings in time and money are not to be underestimated for stores also – the purchasing, shipping, lifting, handling, stocking and shelving bottled water is a process that is both time consuming and expensive. On the other hand, the H2O Hydration Station is plumbed in and ready to go.

With the compound ability to cater to high footfall locations, make money for the operator and enable users to refill their water bottles, the H2O Hydration Station from Westomatic is the solution to the modern plastic bottle conundrum.