V’Eco, de Jong DUKE

The ACT2 effort of de Jong DUKE is focused on sustainability and is the commitment to act too on environmental and corporate social responsibility issues like material selection, usage of resources, energy consumption, recycling, re-use of (recycled) materials and the use of solar generated energy to power the facility.

As part of the ACT2 program, de Jong DUKE has launched the V’Eco coffee machine. This is a coffee machine with a door made of 100% recycled materials and a front-design made out of used coffee. The innovative coffee front should be considered a first step to experiment with the application of biodegradable components in the equipment design.

In order to avoid plastics from being used on the front for marking purposes, as this would nullify the possibility for a really biodegradable product all branding items are either lasered or actually branded in the coffee front.

The V’Eco coffee machine shows our commitment to act responsibly and combine design with improved sustainability.