Sipple Hydration Station

Aeguana worked in partnership with Sipple to eliminate single use plastic water bottles by creating a first of its kind network of automated, contactless Hydration stations.

Aeguana is on a mission to harness the power of automated retail to make a positive difference in the world.

Sipple is on a mission to disrupt the bottled water industry and aid in the extinction of single-use plastic bottles. To do this Sipple are giving consumers a choice on how they purchase water on the move.

Sipple enables this through their innovative strategically placed network of hydration stations, that offer Free ambient tap water or chilled/ambient UV sterilized pure filtered water, for a small cost. Delivering a high-end, affordable, plastic-free alternative to bottled water.

Aeguana engineers undertook the industrial and mechanical design and development to make the Sipple vision a reality and take it to market.

Aeguana’s innovative, hygienic Hydration Stations enable Sipple to make their mission a reality by:

  • Offering freshly purified icy cold water in refills of 500ml, 750ml and one litre
  • Hygienic – Complete contactless refills, scan a QR code and refill with your mobile.
  • Recessed UV-C dispensing tap, to remove any possibility of cross contamination.
  • Antimicrobial coating to touch points, interactive screen & water droplet bottle placement.
  • Contactless payment
  • Bring your own bottle to refill. But if you forget, Purchase a reusable chilly’s bottle on the spot..
  • 27 Inch digital display
  • An interactive screen allowing video/still marketing – health/bespoke messaging – surveys – Live reporting – online purchases.
  • Free tap refills or freshly filtered chilled and UV purified refills starting from 35p for 500ml – and nothing to recycle
  • Greenpeace approved water chiller using natural refrigeration (Hydrocarbon and C02)