Nayax – VPOS Touch


Category: Best Payment System – sponsored by Siemens

Name of Product: VPOS Touch

Company Name: Nayax

Applicant Name: Lisa Appelson

Company: Nayax



VPOS Touch by Nayax is a secure terminal comprising a complete payment solution for unattended automated machine operators that transforms unattended point of sales into friendly 24/7 neighborhood stores. With telemetry and cashless capabilities in a single device, VPOS Touch enables consumer engagement while offering limitless cashless payment capabilities around the globe. Seamlessly integrated with telemetry, cashless clearance, monitoring, management and BI system, Nayax accepts all cashless payments and is ideal for open and closed environments.
Building on the success of VPOS, Nayax’s VPOS Touch offers unprecedented consumer engagement & satisfaction. With a hi-res touch screen, operators can offer instant refunds, e-receipts and increase sales with on-the-spot offers, punch cards, coupons and loyalty cards, opening marketing and social opportunities. A Smart Technician mode is available for better machine management and reduction in maintenance time.
VPOS Touch secures the future in cashless payments by enabling the scanning of QR codes and barcodes (i.e. by Alipay and WeChatPay), opening potential markets for operators.
Using the telemetry embedded in VPOS Touch, operators can monitor machines, allowing them to be informed of how many sales have occurred (cash or cashless), how much cash is in their machines at any point in time, and when the cash boxes need emptying. VPOS Touch’s telemetry also helps operators track transactions and cash collections. Nayax’s daily reports, which can be customized, assist operators in gaining insight into user behavior. Knowing consumers preferences can be used to help operators in choosing the right product offering and making price adjustments.