MatiPay, MatiPay S.R.L.

MatiPay is the best way to pay in vending. Based in Mola di Bari (Italy), MatiPay has developed an integrated system of payment and telemetry addressed to the automated retail. Thanks to its systems Motus and Meta, MatiPay as of today reaches 600,000 end users. MatiPay enables payments via mobile app and NFC devices, which can be paired with the app to ensure all the advantages of the solution. The mobile app can be topped up with cash or online via credit or debit cards, as well as with other digital payment methods. We are constantly improving our app to guarantee a fast, enjoyable and simple user experience at the vending machine.

Our payment system is designed and produced completely in house. This gives us an advantage to be independent from any technology and permits us to partner and integrate with any player on the market. We pursue our mission of digitalising the retail automation with our technological partner native role and our innovative, flexible and dynamic character.

MatiPay payment system can be installed in few minutes on any vending machine, including the less modern ones.

MatiPay works:

  1. within private circuits, by setting up a virtual wallet. Users who make recurring purchases in automated sales points will be able to receive personalized bonuses and promotions based on their purchasing behaviour as well as on the target and strategy of business;
  2. in direct debit mode, offering users the possibility to associate a credit or debit card in the app to purchase in the sales points.

Through the MatiPay app, it is possible to buy from vending machines, top up with credit cards, debit cards or Social Payment systems, transfer money to friends, collect points thanks to the loyalty program STARS, express the evaluation of the experience in the store and much more.

The app represents an important marketing channel for direct communication with users by offering promotions and special initiatives based on the frequency and methods of use of the service.

Currently adopted by the main vending operators in Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Russia and the Ukraine, among which Argenta Group, Coven, Siba and Prodia+, MatiPay has been awarded at CES 2019 Innovation Awards for its disruptive features in the ‘Smart Cities’ category. The CES Innovation Awards, sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, is an annual competition honouring outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer technology products across 27 product categories. The awards are assigned by a distinguished panel of industry designers, engineers and media who, through the CES Innovation Awards, identify unique products, future trends and technologies developed by industry to change the lives of society. MatiPay also makes part of Microsoft program for start-ups.

MatiPay is the fintech company belonging to the Angel Group, an Italian holding world leader in the Railway, Aerospace and Aeronautics markets, which has over 1,300 employees, including over 1,000 engineers and operates in 42 countries around the world.