Invenda Vending Machine, Invenda Group AG

The Invenda Vending machine is a smart machine that will transform your business. Our machine consists of a cohesive hardware and software IoT platform that jointly creates a smart device. Giving vending machine operators remote and local control of the machine for centralized device management as well as full insight to machine health, real-time inventory, transactional data and consumer behavior; all accessible through our CMS. For example, pricing and product changes can be done remotely through the CMS as well as changing the temperature.

Each vending machine is equipped with telemetry, a touch screen that can display digital signage along with various sensors that monitor all the physical assets of the machine for management and inventory purposes. These include drop, temperature, cashbox, coin lock, door, robotic arm, and more. Our sensor technology furthermore allows the machine to understand, monitor and record foot traffic, interactions, impressions, age and gender, and other analytics to enhance marketing and advertising revenue.

The Invenda Vending machine is equipped with software that allows for product bundling, multiple products transactions through cart functionality and product recommendations all increasing average transactional value. With the Invenda Vending machine there will be no empty spiral syndrome or products stuck during delivery as only products available will be shown on the user interface and our sensors recognizes if product has been delivered or not, in the case of no delivery the machine will try to turn the spiral again alternatively delivery from another spiral. Machine learning and AI logs and references who buys what products, when, and which products are typically bundled together to offer a highly targeted offering and attraction to the end customer. Our software also includes digital signage functionality which will allow you to further harvest the full potential of your vending machines creating additional revenue streams.

With the Invenda Vending Machine you will get the full advantage of IoT technologies that will enable you to revolutionize the industry through more personalized and immediate service while radically reduce management and inventory costs and simultaneously adding additional revenue to your business through digital signage opportunities.