H20 Direct Limited – Microfilter – FX Series Water Filters


Category: Innovation Recognition Award

Name of Nominees: Microfilter – FX Series Water Filters

Company Name: H20 Dierct Ltd

Nominated by: Jim Redford

Company Name: H20 Direct



Microfilter FX Series- All -in-one-system For Commercial Grade Filtration.

H2o Direct in conjunction with Microfilter have recently launched the new FX range of commercial filters.
This range is for use for HORECA, hospitals, care homes and areas where people with low immune systems may use drinking water machines.

Our FX range of filters have been specifically designed to enable drinking water to remain safe even in the event of a outbreak of Cryptosporidium, or other types of bacteria that may be found in water when there are source problems, plus the added advantage of designer systems for removal of Chlorine, Chloramine and lead reduction.
The FX Series filters is the best water purifying solution available in one filter today using high specification materials and design- a 4 Step in one Filtration system.

With special details included in design for anti clogging,anti-microbial protection,high Chlorine reduction, Chloramine and Lead reduction these filters offer one of the largest single filter capacities available on the market toady with up to 26,000 US Gal/ 98,000L.