Gaggia La Radiosa, EVOCA

In keeping with its tradition, Gaggia Milano’s strategy is one of constant innovation and product development and all the technologies developed by the brand are designed to set new standards in the HoReCa market, in order to guarantee the best ever coffee experience. La Radiosa epitomises this ethos, with a wealth of innovative new technologies.

La Radiosa, the fully automatic machine from Gaggia, is brimming with ground-breaking features; which means that, far from relying on a barista to deliver top-quality coffee, consumers can now help themselves to their favourite drinks from a machine that’s located front and centre of a breakout area, rather than behind a coffee bar, the reserve of professional hands.

Costing far less than other fully-automatic machines, La Radiosa is the operator’s ideal opportunity to introduce the world of premium coffee to the most discerning of their customers – and to break into hitherto unattainable coffee outlets.

Prior to ‘opening’ the machine to consumer use, brand-new Gaggia EvoMilk technology allows operators to set-up various doses, temperatures and densities of fresh milk. Thanks to this new technology, unique coffee drinks can be created with hot or cold foamed milk: think of creamy cappuccinos, or a perfect latte macchiato. Mr Whippy style delivery, if that’s what a drinks recipe calls for…

EvoMilk also features an innovative milk system cleaning cycle: through an intuitive plug & play procedure, the Gaggia La Radiosa is cleaned automatically, using specific NSF-approved detergents.

Gaggia’s La Radiosa also boasts enhanced electronics, accessed via a 10” touchscreen user interface. From here, operators can create their own drink icons, adjust the colour of the LEDs and much more. The connectivity ‘box’ is also ticked, thanks to embedded Wi-Fi / bluetooth and the optional 3G cellular connection.

La Radiosa has a 24V, high-throughput pump with adjustable flow, enabling operators to create a unique coffee profile. Similarly, the density of soluble drinks can be adjusted, according to taste.

La Radiosa was designed in compliance with EN 16889 hygiene-food standards and NSF strict protocols, with the aim of creating a highly functional workhorse presented in an elegant package. The machine boasts an automated beverage packaging cycle by means of the Bean-To-Cup solution, which does not require human interaction, ensuring maximum hygiene. Automatic rinse cycles, using water heated to 90°C, clean both the milk and the coffee circuits after each drink is dispensed.

If the first machines built by Achille Gaggia were designed to make his dreams reality, then he would have seen La Radiosa as pure science fiction. That’s how far this machine has advanced the preparation of top-quality coffee.

And all of this without mentioning the beauty of the machine and its capacity to enhance any environment.

Gaggia La Radiosa is the most anticipated, oversubscribed machine Evoca UK has launched, with a queue of operators eager to take stock. The first delivery of the machine was sold out before it arrived.

La Radiosa truly does offer the ultimate barista-style coffee experience.