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Back in 2015, a decision was made to review Express’ digital presence, to improve the customer experience and increase the volume of sales opportunities. Initially, the existing Express website underwent changes to ‘patch-up’ performance, while a project was prepared to launch an entirely new site. Several crucial improvements were made to improve search engine optimisation (SEO) and site speed, while updating core content areas. This activity made an immediate, positive impact on site engagement statistics while also driving incremental growth in lead volume month on month. From this evidence, the new website project was approved and subsequently launched in March 2017.

While drawing up plans for the new website, an important objective was to position and portray Express as a premium provider of workplace refreshments. This is where we sit in the market, yet the incumbent website had the look and feel of a discount shop (visuals included as attachments). Bringing our digital presence in line with the five-star service offering has created a much stronger platform on which we initiate customer relationships.

The new Express website addressed several key issues present on the incumbent site, primarily the quality of UX (desktop & mobile), page speed, aggressive keyword density, duplicate content and poor-quality backlinks among other key factors severely impacting SEO performance. Upon relaunching the company website, we also moved to secure https hosting, compressed all site images, re-wrote urls and implemented a structured bread crumb trail. In building the new site with SEO best practice in mind, we fast forward to present day and note significant improvements across all important metrics. Express are generating 3-times as many sales leads through the website, while transforming user engagement statistics, such as time on page, unique visits, bounce rate and conversions from an organic source. Customers and prospects are finding us and our online offering more relevant and in greater volumes than ever before. The Express Marketing team pay meticulous attention to SEO performance on a weekly basis, while adopting a road mapped strategy to continually drive incremental lead volumes in the months ahead.

As an indicator of our success, below are some hero stats which demonstrate organic website performance:

* Organic sessions are up 52% since 2015

* New users are up 19% Year on Year

* We are now on page 1 for 53 new keywords which we previously did not rank well for

* We started ranking in 1st place for 11 new keywords

* 17 core keywords maintained 1st position

* A manual check shows us in 1st position for the term ‘Vending Machine’ and 2nd position for ‘Vending Machines’ previously EV ranked positions 8 – 10 for these terms

While auditing our digital marketing, a focus was also placed on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Like SEO, this effort began on the ‘old’ Express website and was subsequently migrated to the new 2017 website. The key objectives were to improve user experience by serving more relevant content against search queries, rather than a generic push to the homepage for example. We then increased the quantity and visibility of calls to action / contact forms on-site. In turn this would drive an increase in relevant traffic and ultimately capture better quality sales leads. Additionally, the team began actively optimising PPC accounts by bidding more effectively and updating Ad Campaigns to capture interest. Again, fast forward to present day and we are driving more paid search conversions on our website than ever before, trebling lead volumes since 2015. PPC accounts are also more efficient than ever, maintaining a healthy target cost per acquisition and seeing the benefit of stronger organic performance – SEO is supplying more conversions and subsequently our dependence on PPC is reduced.

The new fully mobile-responsive website also led to a vastly improved UX for users on mobile devices. We are seeing double the volume of mobile traffic since 2015, with all engagement statistics, including conversions up dramatically. Across all devices, users are staying on site for longer, viewing more content and submitting more enquiries.

While our focus on search marketing and UX has led to a dominant position on Google and increasingly healthy lead volumes, we are also mindful of the content we serve and how this can increase conversions. An example of this is the new ‘machine selector tool’ added in 2018, which enables the user to input their requirements and identify an appropriate machine to suit. This has had a positive impact on engagement, boosting conversions and average time on site. Additionally, in recent months we have added several new case studies, video media, blog content and articles which support our sales team with our extensive product range. Ultimately, we aim to provide a range of content which supports decision making at various stages of the customer journey. As part of our digital strategy, we are also following-up on website lead submissions with useful, carefully planned email marketing which is tailored to educate prospects and customers on their specific areas of interest. For example, vending, water coolers, coffee machines or office consumables.

In the months ahead, we have several exciting new additions in the pipeline, so watch this space! More general improvements include tweaks to the UX and copy edits to high value webpages.