Westomatic Vending Services Ltd – Machine Refurbishment


Category: Best Ancillary Product or Service

Name of Product or Service: Machine Refurbishment

Company Name: Westomatic Vending Services Ltd.

Company: Westomatic Vending Services Ltd.


Westomatic started refurbishing machines in the Early 1970’s and today this is still a major part of the business. This service is unique to Westomatic which is the only manufacturer that can offer both new and refurbished machines. Some supplier refurbishment services will give machines a mild spruce up and get them looking presentable on the outside. However, the Westomatic refurbishment process not only gets the machines looking like new on the outside, they also work like new on the inside. Westomatic refurbish a range of makes and models including Crane, Coffeetek and Bevmax which are put through a thorough process to ensure they look and work like new when they leave the factory as well as providing a cost effective solution to customer’s needs.

The procedure for refurbishing hot beverage machines involves dismantling the machine, respraying external or other areas requiring attention (including the whipper deck), respraying the door assembly to customer’s requirements, dismantling the boiler, dismantling whipper plate assemblies and replacing the following components at a minimum:

• All new Whipper Parts, Silicone Tubing and Brewer Hygiene kits
• All new Boiler Seals, Boiler Float, Insulation and Thermistor Probes
• All new Boiler Valves
• All new Relays and Switches
• All new Label sets
• New Keypad Gaskets and Buttons
• New Water Hose Assembly
• New Floor Mat
• Factory tested with latest software version
• Genuine OEM parts
• Delivery to your depot
• Replace with new graphics if required

All components which are not replaced as new are thoroughly cleaned and serviced, and the machine is reassembled and fully tested before being loaded for delivery.

Westomatic Commercial Director, Andrea Goswell states that “The days of ‘wash and brush up’ are gone. Customers want their machines not only looking and working like new but surpassing expectation. We utilise our in-house design and technical team to make improvements beyond the machines’ original specification such as remote controlled, interchangeable LED lighting on a Crane Bevmax. It’s not just the new machine market that requires innovation and development – it’s now refurbished machines too!”

Refurbishment at Westomatic is carried out by the highly skilled team with many years of experience between them. All machines are fully inspected on arrival at Westomatic and a quote is given before work is started thereby ensuring there are no price shocks. The team always aim to exceed customer expectations by surprising them with the new lease of life to their machine.

The service doesn’t stop after the machine is fully refurbished; Westomatic provide a high quality delivery as well as ensuring the machine is collected and arrives safely. They offer a full door to door service where all machines are collected and returned from the customer’s depot on their own fleet of trucks with experienced Westomatic drivers. This means that the date and time for collection & delivery can be arranged and the extra care ensures that machines arrive in the same newly-refurbished condition as when they leave the factory.

Tracey Graham, Managing Director of Abercromby Vending and a customer of Westomatic commented: “The most important part of a refurbished machine is that it works first time. This is why here at Abercromby we continue to use Westomatic refurbished equipment for the quality and reliability we receive. They have previously refurbished our own machines and returned them in such good condition that we have managed to prolong the life span by at least another 5 years.”

A new standard in refurbishment quality – you’ll believe that it’s new.