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Product: Eco Encore

Company Name: Westomatic Vending Services Ltd.

Applicant Name: Dan Tanner

Applicant Company: Westomatic Vending Services Ltd.


BEST MACHINE INNOVATION – Eco Encore and The Green Revolution

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There is always a looming story in the news surrounding the plastic crisis, climate change or how 60% of recycling ending up in landfill. With huge companies phasing out plastic straws in favour of bamboo or other materials and the banning of microbeads in cosmetics, the drinks industry is now under scrutiny to ensure that plastic bottles and paper cup usage is reduced to a minimum. Starbucks and their competitors are now offering 25p discount for using your own container and we have seen Michael Gove compelled into carrying his reusable coffee cup after some public pressure to adopt the practice.

Glance around the industry and we can see that coffee is shifting to a more environmentally conscious model in 2018, which is why Westomatic is ahead of the game with a range of Eco options for the conscious vending machine customer; the Eco Encore being at the vanguard of this push.

In 2017, Westomatic wanted to create a product that was simple, affordable and environmentally responsible. The cheapest product is rarely the greenest, but in the case of the Eco Encore, Westomatic produced the most affordable freestanding hot drinks machine on the market whilst using 100% recycled metalwork, making this machine a firm tick in the green box for any business.

Taking existing metalwork, refinishing it and replacing the inside with all new working components, the Eco Encore reduces raw material wastage as well as decreasing manufacturing costs and at Westomatic, unlike some other companies, this saving is passed directly to the customer.

Featuring an easy to use menu, the Eco Encore makes grabbing a freshly brewed tea or a coffee as easy as possible for the user and with seven huge canisters, the machine is suitable for high footfall sites such as factories and canteens, with minimal operator visits.

Not only does this machine enhance the green credentials of a company, but it enables the encouragement of staff and customers to utilise their own cups and reduce the volume of disposable cup waste generated by your site. Or if a business is really keen to go all green, they needn’t offer a vended cup at all, making all personal containers a necessity – thereby reducing the number of cups thrown away to zero.

Whilst on the topic of the green machines from Westomatic, it would be impossible not to mention the H2O Hydration Station – for bottled water refills with flavoured, sparking or still water. This machine is changing the face of water bottle sales and helping to stimulate a change in public attitude. All Westomatic machines have features that fall under the umbrella of ‘Green’ –freestanding drinks machines have cup sensors, all have power saving functions and every machine is A+ energy efficiency rated.

Westomatic is making the future brighter, with green machines at a great price and those two qualities make the Eco Encore a unique value proposition in the marketplace. Coming in at just £1895, the Eco Encore is unbeatable.
The industry must take the initiative and decide on strong action to maintain a place in an environmentally conscious world.