VPOS Touch, Nayax

VPOS Touch is more than a reader for cashless payments. It’s a complete solution for unattended retail, covering all stages of transactions and the sales process. When operators add VPOS Touch to their machines they also gain access to telemetry, management suite, and a consumer loyalty and marketing platform.

With a wide variety of payment methods available, VPOS Touch enables contact, contactless and swipe payments via credit and debit cards, contactless cards, NFC and mobile payments, prepaid cards and QR codes. As Nayax works with the most popular payment service providers and payment gateways (including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, G Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc.), customers have the greatest payment choice available to them.

The more payment choices offered to a customer, the better sales will be – and VPOS Touch has helped operators grow their revenue by as much as 30%. Understanding that unattended business owners lack the opportunity to interact with consumers to build relationships, which drives repeat business, Nayax is using technology to fill that gap. With its consumer engagement platform, Nayax is helping operators integrate promotions and marketing into their unattended retail businesses with digital loyalty.

Using VPOS Touch with Nayax’s consumer payment app, Monyx Wallet, operators can launch marketing campaigns such as digital punch cards (buy X, get Y free) or the chance to win cashback via gamification (funded by Nayax).These ready-to-go campaigns are simple for operators to set up, and easy for consumers to participate in, as no sign up is required, apart from downloading the app. Consumers can also use the app to rate and save their favorite machines, see their purchase history, and receive instant refunds.

These marketing campaigns are easy for operators to monitor with Nayax’s management suite, which features a customizable dashboard. With a glance, operators and managers can see what’s going on with a fleet of machines and monitor cash accountability. The software also helps operators streamline inventory management, and assists with pre-kitting, picklists, and route management. The software also offers insights and BI capabilities, which can facilitate operators in learning more about their consumers’ behaviors, product popularity and other factors that influence their businesses that they might never have gained otherwise.

In addition to the colour touch screen and voice interaction, VPOS Touch’s machine to machine telemetry gives operators access to remote monitoring, allowing machine activities, sales and inventory data to be seen from any location. The extensive alert system enables operators to attend to issues as they happen, whether it is low stock levels, temperature changes, open doors, power downs, etc. With a host of customizable warnings, operators can deal with these issues quicker to ensure as limited downtime as possible. Additionally operators can choose their own time frames for these alerts as well as how they are reached (via text or email), offering more flexibility.

VPOS Touch facilitates easier management and futureproofs unattended retail, making for a more transparent business allowing for more streamlined operations. Adding VPOS Touch to your operations leads to more than operational efficiency. With more payment choices and consumer engagement, Nayax’s solution gives consumers a seamless payment experience. Providing convenience and satisfaction to consumers coupled with lower operational expenses, translates into revenue growth, and this is what every operator is looking for.