VMC Operations Team

About VMC

Since 1991 we have established a proven track record for quality, innovation and outstanding customer service. Our clients choose us for expert advice on how to implement the latest technology and really value our personal approach.

Our systems offer a range of flexible payment options, including open contactless, mobile payments, cashless closed-user cards and QR code payment in the VMC App. Our solutions serve many different markets and our years of experience in the cashless market enables us to work with clients in a collaborative way to help them add further value to their operation.

Our company values (integrity, innovation, commitment) are at the heart of everything we do, and it is these values that keep our customers happy and coming back for more. One of the joys of what we do is growing with our clients, evolving our technology and service alongside their changing needs to keep those relationships flourishing.

The VMC Operations Team

The VMC Operations team consists of the Projects Team, Helpdesk, Fields Service Engineers and Production. This tight-knit team of 15 work closely together at all times, each owning a specific part of the customer journey but all relying on collaboration and support from each other to ensure the whole process runs smoothly.

What makes this team different to any other? Everyone in our team is an expert at what they do, so our clients always deal with someone who understands their needs and knows what they’re talking about. We are not looking to provide an off-the-shelf or standard service; our aim is always to exceed expectations no matter what size the project. This is why we take time to fully understand what a client needs, before providing a solution that is exceptional and delivering it with that unique VMC attention to detail.

We regularly receive feedback from clients about our staff and how dedicated they are, and this is also reflected in the long service of many members of our team, really showing their passion for the job and for the business.

Jill Bode, VMC Operations Manager explains:

“The VMC Operations Team consists of a group of individuals from many different backgrounds with one extremely important thing in common – they all want the best for our customers. Be it in the area of Production, Projects, Helpdesk or Field Service, every member of the team is dedicated to their work in a way that is rarely seen in other workplaces and the glowing feedback from our customers provides daily evidence of this. As VMC Operations Manager, I am proud to lead this team of exceptional individuals as they strive to make the world of cashless payments better, one day at a time!”

Client feedback

We don’t want you to just take our word for it, our client feedback demonstrates we not only offer a great product, but also world-class customer service from people who really care about what they are doing.

Olympus Keymed

In 2018 Olympus Keymed embarked on a project to replace their entire cashless system and they chose VMC to provide their new solution. The VMC system ticked all the boxes on their must-have list, whilst also providing them with a host of additional features and benefits. This large-scale project included a significant estate of vending machines, as well as their main catering facilities, tills and networking.

Natalie DeBotte, Catering & Hospitality Manager at Olympus KeyMed had this to say:

“Jill Bode and the Projects Team are fantastic! They are professional, knowledgeable and genuinely care which shines through. The VMC products work like a dream and we have a very happy workforce since the cashless launch – Thank you!”

Natalie also had this to say about members of our Projects and Field Service team:

“I cannot speak highly enough of Garry Judge and Ashley Rathbone. Those guys really know their stuff and went above and beyond to support us through the project. Thank you very much!

Christopher Cubberley, Strategic Buyer at Olympus KeyMed was also involved in the project and was impressed by the VMC team:

“The team and staff here are very happy with the new system, and wanted to say thank you to the VMC project team for their personal approach and attention to detail, which made all the difference.”


“During my time working with VMC Limited I have found their teams to be extremely responsive and keen to support on any project. I have found their customer service impeccable and more than that I genuinely enjoy working with their teams.”

“The effort they put into finding the best solution for your business, even when it may not be ideal for themselves is reflective of their genuine desire to help. In some of my most difficult projects the support they have provided has been crucial to the successful conclusion.”

Ben Baldwin, Colleague Experience Manager, Tesco