Vianet Smart Machines

The criteria for this award expresses exactly what motivated us to create and launch our website,

Now firmly established following its inauguration in August 2019, our ‘new’ Website provides field workers, operators and engineers with immediate access to the all the information and tools they need to install and support our devices.

Our initial goal was to provide installation guides for engineers that they were able to access on their phones, hosting them online ensured they always had the most up to date guidance. Very quickly we realized this was a fantastic opportunity to enable us to help customers that need our support outside of opening hours.

Having established that our customers increasingly required 24/7 access to help and assistance, our team worked diligently to identify the areas in which we could best offer this support. Working together, the team created everything from user guides and FAQs to ‘how to’ videos and ‘top tips’ covering everything from signal strength to SQL Live! The result is that the ‘service and support’ element of our offer is now stronger than ever, giving us a tangible edge in a combative marketplace.

The arrival of marked the start of Vianet devices being shipped with a QR code that links to the website, along with contact details, should customers require the assistance of the support team. Direct access to the website empowers our customers to address every day issues independently, backed up by an experienced and well-resourced team for the resolution of more difficult situations.

The website is the ‘tip of the iceberg’. The majority of the work we are doing to ensure that the support we offer is second to none is below the surface. We have made some significant changes to the way we work over the last year to enable us to manage the work we do for our customers more efficiently, allowing us to prioritise the things that are having the greatest impact on their businesses. The website, like our products and the services we offer our customer, will continue to evolve and improve – so watch this space!

The website has the following features and benefits:

Smart Phone Compatible: Engineers on the road can access information in a format designed for specifically for smart phones (as well as PCs, laptops and tablets of course!), which ensures that text, graphics and other images are clear, concise and easy to understand and interpret.

Meet the team section: We work hard to get to know our customers and felt it was important to allow our customers to get to know us too – the Meet the Team section allows customers to put a face to the name and adds a ‘human touch’ to what can (if allowed) become a faceless service.

Firmware Releases: Firmware updates are now available direct from the website. Firmware updates allow us to ensure equipment is up-to-date, in this section you will learn about the changes being made and the benefits they bring.

Release Notes: Vianet release notes are documents that are distributed with software products. They are required by customers when an update is released. These important documents are now available via the website

Twitter Link: The Vianet Smart Machines Twitter feed provides real-time answers to FAQ’s and instant communication. It can be accessed direct from the website or via Twitter @SmartMachinesCX

LAN Connectivity Guide: This section of our website provides step-by-step connection advice and guidance for customers who use LAN connectivity to support our contactless readers.

SQL Live User Guide for Engineers/Operators: This section of the web-site is designed for troubleshooting and maximizing the benefits of SQL Live.

Signal Strength Guide/Advisories: A fingertip resource to increase efficiency in the field and maximize the benefits of our contactless solution.

List of Compatible Machines: Saves time and energy by preventing engineers from trying to do the impossible!

Contactless Troubleshooting Guides: Concise information for engineers facing issues with payment systems.

Installation guides: Information for installation brought to the fingertips of engineers as they are in the field – we’re working on adding videos!

FAQs Section: It’s like painting the Forth Road bridge; it’s a job that never ends. The FAQs section currently covers cashless, telemetry and VendExpert. We are working to add information on Vendman products.

Feedback Section: The Feedback Section allows users to inform us of anything we’ve missed and to let us know what further information would be helpful.

Link To Service Charter/Contact Us: Our service charter is the backbone of the service we offer our customers.

We have worked extremely hard to build this website and hope that the Judges in the category of Best Supplier Website will agree, that is supporting the vending industry by increasing the visibility of our service provision online, in addition to supporting vending operators with fast and efficient online services.

Recognition in this category would both acknowledge and reward the hard work, diligence and dedication of our support team – who have done this alongside their normal day to day roles – and their unwavering determination to go the extra mile for our customers.

Thank-you for considering our submission.