Tower Leasing Limited

Tower Leasing’s employees are the forefront to delivering our customer’s needs.

With over 30 years in the finance industry, we provide our customers with an exceptional service through our knowledge, efficiency and experience of the finance industry.

Our team collaborate together to ensure the Operators’s journey runs smoothly, from our first interaction (the proposal) to our completion of documentation, processing and after care. We pride ourselves to manage every deal in a timely manner and communicate effectively amongst our team to get the job done. With a growing appetite to achieve more, service is the core of the business. We support each other, sharing our experience and take great care in learning and development for our employees so they have the skillset and opportunities to prosper.

2020 has seen a fantastic start to our New Year and New decade at Tower. Awards and recognition are highly sought, so when they are voted for by the very customers you serve, they are a great testimony to the skill, hard work and effort put into the relationships by the team.

To that end we were delighted and extremely honoured to be recognised for premiere quality service to the vending industry by two of the largest vending bodies in the UK. Tower received service awards in both ’Best Company’ and ‘Best Individual’ (for our very own Kevin Reed) from the AVS and received the NIVO ‘Business Service Award’ for the second year running.

Our service excels, we are winning new customers and new opportunities to help existing operators grow their customer bases. Not just with premium service, also new innovations, faster technology to speed up decisions, accept more business and process agreements far quicker.

We have trained our underwriters to provide pioneering underwriting and flexibility, to create a more positive portfolio. Allowing operators to sell even more and to open new customer channels, not just to their existing customer base. As equipment evolves and the operators work increases, Tower opens more doors and options to providing the best solution.

Tower has had a presence in the vending sector for almost 30 years, but decided to really focus on vending with a specific vending channel 2 years ago. The team consists of dedicated individual support managers and process team, pulling upon the already well established underwriting, customer service, accounts and business support structure within Tower.

A major difference is that as well as having the benefit of a dedicated vending division to support the industry. All clients have a Key vending contact along with a National Support Manager who understand vending and is dedicated to supporting vending customers.

We aren’t just a sausage machine, we don’t ever want to lose that personal touch. It’s massively important to have systems to cater for all, never forgetting that vending’s own customers buy from and work with people not just faceless machines, but remembering there is a place for technology.

Finance can be vanilla, so is it all about the cost? The simplicity of the paperwork? The quality of the systems?

We start with the best people, we train them on the best systems which are constantly evolving.

Last month as an example, we created over 15 patches to the systems to improve the work flow, speed and customer facing web portal.

To endeavour to raise the levels of service offered, the skills and personal focus of our people and maintain recognition for industry leading innovation and quality of delivery is our driver as a company.

Our customers are not dependent on us. We are dependent on them. They are an integral part of our work. All customers have a choice and we aim to make Tower the vending operator’s first choice.

We are a relatively small business who surround ourselves by colleagues who love what they are doing and always put the customer first.

“When you put the customer first, the customer will last.”

Tower strives to build healthy relationships with their operators by identifying their needs and providing the best-possible experience to its customers.

Where we win is that we provide each and every one of our Operators a personalised customer experience.

Our team also acknowledge and thank their customers for their business from time to time, through various different methods. Including award evenings, industry dinners, golf days, simple thank you notes. Tokens of appreciation – we never take our customers for granted. A recent example of this was a thank you published in Vending International.

We aim to excel in customer-care and after-sales service. We listen and evolve. We like to do things differently and always go the extra mile.

We leave our customers with an ‘agree and forget’ policy, we confirm what we are going to do so they can get on with the rest of their day safe in the knowledge that Tower will respond without them having to chase.

Putting the customers first isn’t a strategy, it’s a culture!

Our customers require quick decisions, approvals & quick simple payment; all of which we are suppling industry leading levels of support. Our customers also contact us for solutions to problems and ideas to drive the business forward. We are seen as trusted advisors not just sales people or another finance company.

This is why we have been able to build a strong army of loyal customers, who are more than happy to keep coming back to Tower and this is why our vending business has grown dramatically in the last few years.

Ensuring that your customers get easy access to each and every single one of your products and services at all times. With longer opening hours at our service centre in Bracknell and our 24hr web based portal allowing everything to simply be completed on line when required.

We even have the facility now for Operators to deliver E-Sign documentation directly to their customers.

At the most fundamental level, customers are happy when a business satisfies both their needs and their expectations.

At Tower we exceed those.