The Divine Water Company Limited – Divine Water Aftersales & Delivery Drivers


Category: EDWCA Customer Service Award

Name of Nominees: Divine Water Aftersales & Delivery Drivers

Company Name: The Divine Water Company Limited

Nominated by: Andy McLellan

Company Name: The Divine Water Company Limited


Vendies Awards
EDWCA Customer Service Award

We would like to nominate our Aftersales team and Drivers for this prestigious award, as we believe that excellent customer care is delivered as a package combining these front line departments.

The Aftersales team phone all 5,000+ customers on a weekly basis, ensuring that any order requirements are fulfilled and any further requests are met. The majority of our customers operate on a first name basis and it is not unusual for the aftersales team and drivers to receive Birthday/Xmas cards. As Divine Water was established in 1994 and 3 out of 5 of our aftersales team has been with us for over 15 years, there is a reputable, personal and some might say traditional touch to our service.
They serve as a technical base for drivers, engineers and customers alike and have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge over the years.

Drivers often have to divert out of their way for unexpected orders, deliver to difficult addresses in Central London, work late during high profile events and always do this with smiles on their faces. As with aftersales, many of our drivers have been with us for over 10 years, with one driver employed for over 17. Their experience and professionalism pave the way for successful installations and servicing with a friendly and skilled attitude.

Judging Criteria

1. Quality of work
Our drivers always complete their duties to the highest standard and our customers regularly comment on their professional approach to their duties and their ability to problem solve on the job, ensuring quality within time managed customer interaction. We believe this high level of service combined with a friendly approach is why we have such a very high customer retention rate. Our Aftersales team always answer the phones directly with no need for impersonal automated answer machines and will commonly answer any queries straight away with no need for further communication.

2. Attendance
We have a 98.7% attendance record across both departments which is outstanding and shows the staff’s dedication to their jobs and more importantly their wish to go to work. Details of the few non- attendance days are minor and include weather incidents and a broken arm.

3. Attitude
Our drivers have outstanding one to one relationships with all of their customers and often give out their direct mobile numbers so they can discuss requirements directly with the customers they may have known for several years. This speeds up the response times when it comes to customer service and shows their positive attitude to customer satisfaction.
The aftersales team always arrive early for work and often deal with customer enquiries after the day as officially ended. Their commitment to the future of this company is commendable and shows that this really is more than just a job to them.

4. Appearance
Public perception is always important and drivers have a company uniform for all seasons and is replaced regularly. Only this year a request for different shorts were submitted, duly agreed and ordered. Drivers take immense pride in their appearance and ensure that their company vehicles are kept immaculate at all times.
Aftersales do not require a uniform but are always well presented in office work wear. We often motivate staff with fun themed Fridays which will often include a dress down option for some staff.

5. Cooperation
As we are a small family business it’s vital that our staff cooperate with each other and we have no problems in this area. There are regular meetings between these 2 departments to ensure that any problems can be addressed and any ideas given the opportunity to be explored. Often these are held without management interfering so that they can discuss things in a more relaxed environment.

6. Responsibility
Responsibility is set on an individual as well as a group level. Both departments always make sure that their duties for the day are being met as well as ensuring the entire department come together to give the best customer experience they can. This unification results in both teams working at their best and helping each other out to fulfill the task which has been set.

7. Reliability
We would not be able to operate unless our front line departments were 100% reliable. A customer survey, carried out in October 2017 noted that 100% of customers thought our customer service was either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’. Our reliability to carry out the task in hand is what our customers expect and reliability is associated with trust and consistency which is a crucial part of our customer care. These results are a testament to the hard work of these front line departments.

8. Achievement
Customer retention is one of the guides we use to ascertain our achievements. This level is extremely high with most new sales generating from word of mouth referrals.
In 2015 we were awarded the Vendies ‘Water Distributor of the year’ by the EDWCA. This award was voted for by our customers and demonstrates the high level of service provided by these departments, which led to us winning this honour.

9. Discipline
Discipline is not something we have to concern ourselves with at Divine Water, although we obviously have plans to deal with if the situation was to occur. The aftersales and delivery teams work together closely and rarely have crossed words.

10. Other -significant factors.
Over the past few weeks the aftersales and driver teams decorated the offices for the world cup, held a quiz night and had a world cup picnic. This creates closer bonds between departments and is a lovely talking point when talking to customers. Pictures of their efforts were tweeted by the company and was even liked and re-tweeted by Mr Kipling and Walkers Crisps. These fun and important efforts really show what sort of people we are lucky enough to employ and we would love to show everyone else what they mean to us.