Take 5, MatiPay S.R.L

The year 2020 was a challenge for the vending market, as well as for the whole world. MatiPay has developed and launched its response to the pandemics. Take5, a feature of the app MatiPay, ensures social distancing at the vending machines. How does it work? Vending operator defines the break zones, their maximum capacity, and the duration of breaks. Users reserve their break time and pay with the app and enjoy their coffee or snack in complete safety.

This solution also responds to changing regulations of single counties, regions or even cities. The telemetry can reveal the gathering and block the vending machine, in order to ensure safety for everyone. Thus, a vending machine may be blocked in certain hours or days. All operations are made on remote; no need to perform any operations on the machine.

Many of our clients thanks to Take5 were able to continue their operation already from late spring 2020. We have also seen that the users are more encouraged to respect their bookings if they are rewarded. Thanks to our loyalty program no further investment is needed, and the users are motivated with loyalty points.