Suzohapp – CoinCo Vantage Bill Validator


Category: Best Payment System – sponsored by Siemens

Name of Product: CoinCo Vantage Bill Validator

Company Name:  Suzohapp

Applicant Name: John Carroll

Company: Carroll Consulting



The CoinCo VANTAGE bill validator from SUZOHAPP offers a range of important features to make this product one of the most robust and secure in its field. The VANTAGE bill validator is built to last. It is an international bill reader and for the UK it can accept and stack 5 GBP and 10 GBP notes.

Looking at the features in more detail:

The VANTAGE bill validator makes use of advanced note image processing and dynamic sensor calibration – to ensure industry-leading note acceptance and protection against any invalid notes being entered. Twelve sensor pairs scan more of the banknote. Multiple analysis technologies increase acceptance while eliminating frauds

The VANTAGE bill validator has three levels of anti-stringing technology to protect against fraud.

The VANTAGE bill validator offers a Sculpted 360° illuminated bezel that offers ease of bill insertion, improving the consumer purchasing experience.

The VANTAGE bill validator has built-in advanced note acceptance technology. Notes can be inserted at any angle as the centric drive technology compensates for skewed note insertions – increasing the first-time note acceptance.

The VANTAGE bill validator checks itself for any possible errors to ensure it remains up and running as long as possible. Automated self-diagnostics ensure optimal performance resulting in fewer service calls. Thus, automated self-diagnostics and visual bezel notification guarantee the VANTAGE is always ready to accept cash.

The VANTAGE bill validator offers security to ensure that the stacked notes remain secure. It has a level-three Cashbox Lockout Technology to provide industry-leading security by completely blocking the note path access to the cash box.

The VANTAGE bill validator can also accept a promotional, operator-specific coupon. Thanks to the Teach-N-Go feature, the coupon technology enables the coupon to be quickly programmed into the unit.

The VANTAGE bill validator is simple to service – with tool-free accept to the product when servicing should be required.

The VANTAGE bill validator is fitted with the two most important protocols to cover all the industry needs – MDB (serial communication) and Pulse (parallel communication). MDB Wake-Up is also available so that power is only completely required when in use.

The VANTAGE bill validator is simple to install. The Quick-Release Bezel allows the customer to mount just the bezel into the vending machine and then simply snap in a Vantage and connect the harness.

The VANTAGE bill validator offers a variety of cashbox sizes to respond to different operator needs – 300, 400, 500, 700, 900 or 1,100 note cashboxes are available.