Smart Contact, Vianet

SmartContact is our contactless only payment solution, offering your customers contactless convenience, hygiene and most importantly a seamless transaction process. The SmartContact payment device comes with components for easy installation and complies with the EVA CVS dimensions.


  • Guaranteed growth in Sales
  • Reduce cash handling charges
  • Cash to YOUR bank within 48 hours
  • Low Transactions fees (avg 1.4%)
  • Closed User Group and Micro Market Capability
  • Seamless integration with ERP System
  • Master MID Reconciliation
  • Dedicated Technical Helpdesk Support
  • National In-House Engineering Team
  • Continuous investment into innovation



Adding a payment solution couldn’t be simpler. Add the payment module to our telemetry unit and unlock contactless solutions for your customers and consumers. Protected with high level PCI security and supported by CreditCall and Elavon, our solution is regularly updated to increase functionality, including Apple and Samsung payment.



For a long time cash has been king in the vending & self service markets, however with innovation in contactless payment technology and corresponding growth in consumer adoption, momentum has steadily grown towards a time in the near future when the majority of vending machines only take contactless payment.

That was in a world before COVID19, a Global crisis the likes of which few of us have experienced and none will ever wish to experience again. Though cash use was predicted to decline over the coming years, COVID19 has catalysed an acceleration in this decline.

The impact the global pandemic had on our lives is one of the reasons why contactless payment has a continuous growth in popularity. A survey done by VISA Consulting Analytics in partnership with The Strawhecker Group shows that 26% of their respondents expect a decrease in the use of cash post-pandemic.

As a result of COVID19, consumers have begun to foster a positive and lasting change in behaviour and attitudes that is accelerating the adoption of contactless payment.

But even before the events from 2020, specialists were anticipating that card and contactless payment will take over cash in the future. People’s needs change, their lifestyles change, and society must adapt to that. Nowadays nine out of the top ten card issuers offer contactless cards, and during this year’s first half VISA added 80 million contactless cards.


WHY SmartContact?

Vianet’s Customer Experience team carried out a study of data from a selection of customers.

In Vianet’s estate, January 2020 saw on average 50% of vending machine transactions were contactless, with an up to 30% up lift in overall sales since these operators installed contactless readers on their vending machines.

These figures continued to rise on machines that were still actively being used throughout the COVID pandemic, showing a sharp rise in June with up to 68% of vending transactions through contactless. This accelerated increase of up to 18% in such a short space of time really does illustrate the shift in consumer behaviour as the pandemic has progressed.

Contactless payment has several benefits, both for consumers and businesses, that made it become not just a commodity, but an integral part of our lives:

For Vending operators and businesses:

  1. No more cash handling losses.

For every transaction, the money goes straight to your bank account through a secure system which will eliminate the risk of miscalculation, cash loss or stealing. Because it uses encrypted data, contactless payment is considered to be the safest way to pay, highly minimising the risk of frauds.


  1. Saving extra costs and labour time.

Without having cash to count, your business avoids extra expenses and your employees don’t have to do the manual work of reconciling cash amounts. This saves your company money and your employees valuable time.


  1. Competitive differentiation.

Card transactions and contactless transactions increased in popularity considerably in the last years, and after the recent events, contactless cards became even more frequently used. Giving your customers the option to pay contactless by having a device implemented will give them another reason to prefer your business over others.


  1. Speed and efficiency in transactions.

This is a benefit for both businesses and consumers. From a company’s point of view, faster transactions mean more clients. Contactless payment takes on average 15 seconds less than other card transactions which increases even more the number of transactions that can be done during a day.


For customers:


  1. Better security.

A stolen card can be easily cancelled and with the possibility to track your transactions, you’re bank may offer added protection of having the fraudulent transaction refunded.


  1. Convenience.

Due to the latest innovations in contactless technology, consumers can now pay just by using their smartphones or even smartwatches through mobile pay apps. Not only does this make the transactions faster, but it also increases your accounts security because, in order to use either of these devices to pay, a form of identification is required.


  1. It’s a more hygienic way to pay.

According to a MasterCard survey, 82% of respondents worldwide consider contactless as the cleaner way to pay. This payment method protects both the consumers and the employees from potentially infected surfaces during a global pandemic, diminishing the risk of contracting any viruses. This year has shown us how important it is to take into consideration any surface contact including payment methods.


  1. It facilitates the currency exchange.

With card payment, it adds even more convenience to modern day travelling as you can make payments in any currency, at any time, anywhere, subject to commission fees and exchange rates.



Leveraging Vianet’s technology gives you the opportunity to connect a single data gathering device with its own on-board communication capability to your asset, system or machine. The device then sends data back via our IOT platform to cloud based servers. Data is collected real time enabling you to proactively improve performance and utilisation of assets, creating transformational opportunities for growth