Sanden Vendo Europe – Sanden Vendo G Drink HC


Category: Best Machine Innovation – sponsored by Lavazza

Product: SandenVendo G Drink HC

Company Name: SandenVendo Europe

Applicant Name: Christopher Craven

Applicant Company: SandenVendo UK



SandenVendo present G-Drink HC, a new HC refrigerant glass front beverage vending machine.

Always considering environmental sustainability, SandenVendo has developed the G-Drink HC version, pursuing the commitment to natural refrigerants. SandenVendo has met this challenge by pioneering an innovative patent pending process where R290 is safely applied for their current range of refrigerated vending machines.
The patented feature of G-Drink HC is a split refrigeration system with heat exchangers using Glycol as the heat exchange medium. The cooling system, which uses R290 gas, is situated in the lower part of the machine, and sealed from the product area. The coolant medium, Glycol, circulates through the evaporator in the chilled product compartment, reducing the risk of handling the potentially flammable refrigerant.

This new, Eco-Friendly version of G-Drink is sold alongside a model with a CO2 cooling unit. SandenVendo has produced vending machines with CO2 cooling units since 2004.

Sanden group strives to create ECO-friendly solutions by applying Natural Refrigerants, in order to reduce the direct and indirect emission of greenhouse gases and less impact on GWP.
Both CO2 (R744) and HC (R290) refrigerants have minimal GWP and Zero ODP.

G-Drink is by far the best selling model of SandenVendo. The products are handled by robotic catcher and swiftly delivered at an ergonomic height, so that customers do not need to bend down to collect their vended products. The HC version will extend the G-Drink range and provide customers with a more ECO-friendly alternative.