Sales & Marketing Team, 4 Aces Ltd

We pride ourselves on being a solution provider to our customers, new and old. Whether a product we’ve never supplied before, or a last-minute bespoke print, our team are constantly going above and beyond to ensure customers are satisfied and demands are met.

Our sales team work effortlessly to answer each and every phone call as quickly as possible, answering with a welcoming tone; whether it be a regular customer, or someone they’ve never spoken to before on the other end of the line. No enquiry is too big or too small, with every problem, question, or order being dealt with as soon as it reaches us. As a result of this, we have been able to grow our customer base year on year, as well as build everlasting relationships with clients big and small.

An example being our close relationship with Waterlogic, in which we regularly utilise our expertise in logistics and product management in order to facilitate an optimum customer experience for any drop ship clients.

The fact that we are growing at a rapid rate, claiming more market share in the disposable packaging market than our competitors in the last few years shows that we must be doing something right. This, no doubt, is a result of our focus and expertise in customer service. Being able to meet customer needs time and time again has seen us earn huge contracts with large organisations both in and out of the vending industry.

Our recent partnership with The Vending People, the UK’s largest independent vending company, shows we are making huge strides forward. Group Purchasing Manager at the Montagu Group, Barry Jenkins, said of our customer service, “4 Aces Ltd have quickly become a key partner of The Vending People, this is no doubt thanks to second-to-none account management they provide. We have been particularly impressed by the companies approach to problem solving, when product sourcing is made a challenge by external factors, they are quick to find alternatives and solutions. As well as this, the hands-on marketing assistance we receive ensures we are able to portray our desired brand image and go beyond traditional marketing methods”.

When purchasing from 4 Aces Ltd, customers are not just receiving a number of boxes filled with cups. They are in fact gaining another member of their sales team. We add value to a business by regularly visiting their offices, explaining products in-depth, training telesales representatives on sustainable, environmental impact solutions free of charge. This service helps our clients better understand products and learn how they can best market and utilize them. This involves travelling all over the UK to deliver detailed presentations to ensure our clients’ product and industry knowledge is as good as it possibly can be.

Our customer service does not stop at the purchasing stage, with support on hand whenever our clients need help or guidance. This includes providing full support for customers opting for a bespoke print, from discussing initial ideas to bringing the designs to life. Throughout this process we believe communication is key, keeping our clients informed throughout every step of the design stage results in the best quality results. Our in-house team offer expert advice and put together top-level designs for clients to choose from or suggest any changes.

As being a solution provider is at the heart of what we do, customer service plays a key role in acquiring and retaining customers. Listening to requirements, building relationships and providing as much knowledge and support as possible has seen 4 Aces Ltd grow rapidly in the last 20 years.