Rustlers Cook In Box, Kepak


Rustlers, the £101m brand from the Kepak Group, has been taking the lead in great tasting hot, quick and convenient food solutions for many years. The development of its innovative ‘Cook in Box’ technology created new opportunities to introduce the UK’s No.1 micro-snacking brand into the vending sector. The Rustlers ‘Cook in Box’ range was launched into the channel earlier this year.

The new ‘Cook in Box’ packaging format enables consumers to heat the fully assembled burger without opening the pack. The packaging performs a dual role, creating a protective barrier around the product, eliminating any messy preparation, whilst also acting as a product carrier to enable easy consumption on the go. The ‘Cook in Box’, which contains a Kepak patented packaging format, includes a ‘micro-crisping sleeve’, which has been developed to ensure the product is perfectly cooked.

Two Rustlers products are currently available in the new format, the All Day Breakfast Double Sausage Muffin and Classic Cheeseburger, catering for breakfast, lunch or dinner whatever the time of day or night.

The range, perfect to serve in chilled vending and micro-markets, has already gained listings with numerous companies, including Milsons, Vendaid, Snaxgroup and Covi stores exciting New Concept Covi Eats, to name but a few.