Radnor Infusions 330ml cans

Radnor Infusions are crafted in the ancient county of Radnorshire using our own Spring Water with a gentle sparkle, delicately infused with all-natural flavours and extracts! We have two flavours Lemon and Mint in which we use British garden Mint flavour and Lemon & Mint extracts. As well as Raspberry & Black Cherry we is made with British Raspberry extract.

We created a fresh zero calorie, zero sugar, zero sweetener natural drinks range. When creating this drink a main focus was we wanted to give the vending industry a healthy but great tasting canned drink to have in their machines, which in we have found to be a big gap in the market in vending.

We source our cans in Wrexham just 52 miles away from our site we want to keep our cans as low carbon and good for the environment as possible, while still being a good healthy product to consume.