Radnor Hills 330ml can Still Spring Water

We launched Radnor Still (and sparkling) water in a 330ml can in 2020. The main reason for this was to fill a gap in the market of canned water that was canned at source in the UK. We have found that while it is a slight trend water in a can most companies are going very far afield to get their supply. We decided to install a canning line to our site in mid Wales and add to our sites format list. We understand that as a product a can is a very easy format for vending as it has a long shelf life and is much sturdier than other formats.

Our water is canned 7 minutes after leaving the ground, it is filtered to natural layers of gravel before we collect it and can it. The cans we use are sourced just 53 miles from our site so as a product have a very low carbon footprint compared to Austrian canned water.