H2O Direct Customer Service

H2O Direct Customer Service

H2O are proud the service they are able to give to their customers before and during the worldwide pandemic. Recently awarded ‘Highly Commended’ by NIVO in the 2020 Supplier awards, H2O ensure all customers receive the very best customer service irrelevant of the size of the company or order.
Regular contribution to magazine editorials help educate the industry and the free workshop and tutorials that were introduced during lockdown have proved very popular with workshops from servicing, installation, how to clean machines etc
Phone lines are open 24 hours a day with regular out of office assistance given not just from current customers but to operators who need help and advice.
H2O Direct prides itself on the customer service and support they give and are dedicated and passionate about the products they recommend and are as always ‘happy to help’.



EVOCA Group’s ground-breaking, unified portal for the sale of genuine spare parts and accessories, for its Necta, Saeco; Gaggia Milano, Wittenborg, Ducale and SGL brands, went live on Friday, February 1 2019.

The new Parts Site boasts a simple and intuitive interface, which provides access to detailed technical documentation covering all the group’s products. What’s more, Evoca designed the site in the form of a unique ‘official store’, to ensure customers enjoy the best possible purchasing experience.

The site is constantly updated and aligned to product development, keeping customers up to speed with the latest machine versions as they come to market.

Among the site’s innovative features is a unique interactive chart, which allows any component to be identified and viewed effortlessly. By using the ‘mouse over’ feature, product information such as image, description, availability and price appear on the screen.

State-of-the art technology ensures customers can use EVOCA Group’s New Parts Site safely, securely and easily and it’s been optimised for mobile devices.

In common with the Evoca Group corporate website, Evoca ID is the gateway to the reserved area of EVOCA Group’s New Parts Site. Completely revised both in appearance and functionality, it allows customers to manage their personal data fast. Registration for Evoca ID is easy and secure and once activated, users need only log in to access prices, promotions and review their order history. And when users do log in, the site recognises what type of device is being used and automatically delivers the optimum viewing experience.

Having made parts acquisition that much simpler, the group turned its focus onto Technical Support. Now, detailed technical information is available on line to assist in fault diagnosis and provide easy-to-understand advice on any number of procedures.

The benefit? The vast majority of issues that engineers encounter can be addressed and overcome without recourse to Evoca’s much-respected Help Desk. It saves the engineers valuable time. The online, interactive reference library, even includes instructional videos.

The extent of the available information led one user to compare the resource to the legendary Haynes car maintenance manuals. It empowers engineers, allowing them to scythe machine downtime and thereby to impress their clients by providing a faster, much more efficient service.

In terms of online support, no other machine manufacturer in the sector comes close and Evoca means to forge ahead by enhancing its offer at every opportunity.

Pratap Gami, Express Vending Ltd

Pratap Gami, Express Vending Ltd

Pratap Gami joined Express Vending in 2013 and is a vital member of our Field Service Engineering Team. He has proven to be an exceptional team member who will go above and beyond not only for his team and the company but also for our customers.

Pratap is a courteous and diligent individual who goes about his business in a calm and professional manner and his technical knowledge is remarkable which he has demonstrated by always delivering his KPI’s for the last seven years. No problem is too small, he will ensure the job is completed to a great standard. He has a passion and lust for personal development and learning new skills within his field which he can pass onto his colleagues not only within Express Vending but also within the Industry.

His support to other members of his team is phenomenal including mentoring new starters, without even being asked. He likes to assist his colleagues to ensure they are successful and are knowledgeable. Pratap’s interdepartmental communication is exceptional as he supports the Retail Merchandisers with any problems they may face and supports Account Managers with clients including assisting on site demonstrations and alerting the Customer Relations Manager of any opportunities or issues that a site is facing.

Additionally, if other departments need extra resources Pratap is always a willing volunteer to ensure deadlines are met and the customer experience is never affected. He will often stay late on site to ensure the task is completed and the customer faces as little disruption as possible.
Pratap is a great ambassador for Express Vending who lives and breathes our company values and standards. His attitude and skills have not only attracted Engineers to come and work for Express Vending but has also helped secured a number of contracts with his exemplary customer service and clear technical expertise.

Customer Testimonials:
‘Pratap is an absolute star. He’s usually here approximately 10 minutes after we’ve called a fault in, he’s so quick! And he’s fixed all sorts of issues, he also comes straight out if Mary Kelliher is having any issues with a machine. Not only does he call and resolve issues, he calls in if he’s passing just make sure all is going ok with our machines. His level of customer service is outstanding and excellent and he’s always so pleasant and cheerful. It’s a pleasure to see him whenever he calls.’
Liz Newsham – Reception Team Leader Net App

‘Since we worked alongside Express with the installation of vending and coffee machines as well as Vivreau water taps, any and all problems have been rectified by Pratap.
His friendly, efficient and courteous service is a credit to him as a person. Pratap flies the flag for Express and we at Pepper feel grateful for his services. His knowledge of all products and willingness to support ensures a smooth process from initial booking of job through to completion of problem.
Pratap is a great guy and a very impressive engineer.’
Graham Raid – Office Manager, Pepper UK

‘It’s a pleasure to give feedback about Pratap Gami. He is always very professional when visiting our offices and seems to always do just that little bit extra when he attends. Pratap is a welcome sight when the machines etc., here decide not to function, and our staff are much happier when Pratap arrives to fix our problems! He never complains, even when having been called out it turns out to be something silly. He checks everything! He is an excellent ambassador for your Company.’
Linda Laban – Receptionist, Ipsos

Industry Testimonials:
‘I bumped into Pratap at one of my calls while he was fitting the Dex cable and software, I was there because the machine was losing the time and date, and therefore the free vend times were out. The customer wasn’t pleased because we’d had a number of issues with that machine and Pratap was very keen to help me get the machine fixed, he gave me a new power board from his own stock to try and passed on his number to call him if a needed any more help and also let him know if it’s fixed the fault. Really helpful and a really nice guy.’
Mark Cox – Field Service Engineer, Select Drinks

Colleague Testimonials:
‘Pratap has always been so helpful and willing to go the extra mile to do what’s best for the customer. He’s been a great support during my time as Area Manager in Retail.’
Lara Stevens – Sales Manager, Express Vending

“For me Pratap is a go to engineer, he is always willing to go above and beyond to help me and our customers. Pratap is always looking out for his fellow engineers and will pick up calls if he is free.
Pratap is also very well like by our customers.”
Georgina Eames – Team Leader, Express Vending

“Pratap is one of, if not, the kindest and most professional engineers we have. He never fails to put a smile on our team’s faces. The only time Pratap comes into the office is to give us chocolate at Christmas time or a team meeting. He often gets positive feedback from the clients and also gets the job done quickly and efficiently.”
Hope Moriarty – Service Desk, Express Vending
Nomination by Damian Lawera

“Pratap is one of the key players within the Express Engineering Team who always puts customer needs first. He delivers a first-class customer service which is proven with his consistent KPI achievement. Pratap has recently been mentoring a new engineer Adam. He always goes above and beyond not only in the engineering field but in other aspects of the business i.e. PDI & Projects, with a smile on his face”
Damian Lawera – Area Service Manager, Express Vending.

Marc Mackay, Express Vending Ltd

Marc Mackay, Express Vending Ltd

Marc has always shown great work ethic and a can-do attitude when fixing machines and getting to the route of any issue. His desire to learn more means he always goes the extra mile whilst trying to solve any problem he is faced with. He constantly wants to help others achieve their best and is open to sharing the knowledge he’s acquired and takes the time to talk to anyone who needs his help.

Over the past year Marc has proved this more than ever, due to unforeseen circumstances, he has had to cover another engineer’s route and as a result has doubled his workload in the process. Whist this added additional workload, demands and pressure of twice as many customers, Marc continued with his same approach and care for every customer that he always has. He has kept up his high working standards and hasn’t let this affect his response times and other KPIs.

Colleague Testimonials
Marc demonstrates our core business values of perfection and fairness continually, and always tries his best to assist his customers, fellow colleagues and myself. He is a great representative and asset to Express Vending.
Rachel Webber – Area Service Manager

Marc is very passionate about getting machines working and keeping the customer happy. If I ring him with a problem, he will meet me or talk me through it over the phone, nothing seems to be too much trouble for him. He genuinely wants to help me which I appreciate in a colleague. Overall, he is helpful, patient and determined, a real credit to the Service department.
Debbie Edge, Assistant Area Retail Manager

Marc shows exceptional pride and attention to detail with his entire machine base. He has a genuine care and passion for his customers and is always committed to providing an exceptional level of service. Marc has had to cover two patches for an extensive length of time and has maintained his targets and high levels of service despite the additional workload. This is a testament to his high work ethic and engineering ability.
Tom Abrams, Technical Product Manger

Marc has built a great relationship with his retail merchandisers and customers since joining the engineering team from PDI. Marc is always going the extra mile for his customers ensuring the machines are routinely serviced and all parts fitted in a timely manner. If Marc sees a problem, he acts on this immediately and offers great customer service to his customer base. Marc always provides great feedback to the engineering team especially when he’s come across an issue with a machine that no one else has experienced before and provides clarity on how to fix the problem.
Chelsea Pearce, Installations Manger

From my experience of working with Marc, what I’ve always noticed is that he is a great communicator. When he responds to a call, he will often send follow up information to myself and my team to ensure that we are aware of the issue and how he resolved it. By keeping everyone involved, we are able to manage the customer’s expectations more successfully and are able to educate our team if there is ever a learning point from the issue experienced. He is willing to go above and beyond to support others when they need help, whether that be a quick phone call to help a merchandiser with an issue they are experiencing at a machine, or driving out of his way to meet our Merchandiser who didn’t have the right machine key to ensure we could replenish the machine and not let our customer down. Thank you, Marc, for your support!
Joanna Gaffney, Regional Retail Manager

Marc is my go-to engineer for myself and all of my team, even if Marc is not the engineer for that area. His knowledge of the machines is on point and is always available to talk us through any problems we have.
IBC is Express Vending’s largest site with over 60 machines, with Marc as their local engineer. He is always on-site within the hour to get the machines up and running as he knows how important the customer is to us as a business. He works extremely well with the Retail Merchandisers onsite, and keeps the site contact up to date with any problems. Marc is always commercially aware and constantly thinking of new ideas to improve sales and provide a better service to the customer.
It is a pleasure to work with Marc and have him as my local engineer.
Jenny King, Area Retail Manger

Marc consistently provides high-quality service to all his customers and continually has their best intentions in mind when doing his job. He actively contributes new ideas and solutions to help them get the best from their machines. Marc always takes the time and care to assist anyone who wants to help, and this shows in how well his machines are maintained. Even when faced with long term cover, he continued to maintain his high standards, always meeting his KPIs and doing everything he can for his customer. He truly cares about his customers, and everyone who works with him can see this. It is for this reason that he is nominated for Best Service Engineer.

George Robertson, Scobie McIntosh

George Robertson, Scobie McIntosh

We asked our team of internal Service Call Handlers who they felt deserved the title of Best Service Engineer. The response was clearly George and below we summarise why, this is based on his colleagues alone. Not his peers, we will come to that later.

George’s Vending Career

George joined the industry 33 years ago with KRAFT when he joined as a Service Engineer, he quickly demonstrated his natural engineering ability and became a very valuable employee.

He then transferred to Scobie McIntosh alongside other engineers in 2008 as a Field Service Engineer. He is now regarded as a Senior Engineer and is an extremely valued member of the team with a wealth of knowledge of the vending industry.

Work ethic, communication and supportive and encouraging approach

Asked what George’s worth ethic was, the overwhelming response was that it was relentless. At any given time, throughout his employment with Scobie he has always treated work situations as never too troublesome, and no site was ever too far to go.

George is an excellent communicator, both with his internal Scobie Controller, his Line Manager, and his Colleagues. He is always available to offer technical advice to other engineers, and he does so with a warmth and encouraging approach. He emits a natural, nurturing vibe that leaves the engineers feeling motivated and inspired to learn and experience more.

Other Scobie Engineer’s often call George when they are on site and cannot diagnose or fix a machine.

George takes a logical approach to helping them. Starting with the model, the issue and then talking them through the process that he would follow if he was at the site with them, he guides them right through until, over the phone they find the fault and can now go ahead and fix it. On very rare occasions, George cannot help over the phone, he will research the issue for the Engineer and call them back with a proposed action plan. This is a very credible characteristic, to support your colleagues in the best interest of the customer, ensuring that the customers machine is fixed in a timely fashion and hence, customer satisfaction is achieved with a positive outcome for everyone, including a training curve for the engineer who has learnt another solution amicably and positively.

George’s communication is very effective. When he has a site visit, he always communicates the outcome with clarity and in a timely manner with his Service Controller. He ensures that the Scobie team and the Customer are fully appraised of any particular issues or actions so everyone is clearly in the picture and on board with the planned solution.

Customer relationships

George has very steadily built up his reputation with his customers as being reliable, punctual and an extremely capable engineer. When Scobie’s internal support team carry out courtesy calls to customers following a site visit by our engineers, George will often be singled out for praise in regards to his competence, clarity of communication and professionalism.

Going the extra mile

Here is just one example of George going the extra mile for a customer. The internal support team had a call out to a site on a weekend. George was selected to attend the site. The machine working efficiently was vital to the customers’ business. George had previously only seen this machine in a training setting, never at a customer setting. Despite this, George was asked to attend, which he willingly did.

Once on-site, he identified that some of the parts were faulty and new parts were necessary. The customer got very anxious hearing this. Expecting that new parts meant at least a couple of days of the machine not being operational and therefore having a negative impact on their profit line was serious.

George is very perceptive and cares. He could simply have called the internal team and asked them to order the parts. However, knowing that being without this machine would be disastrous for the customer, he instinctively took the time to research where he could find the parts closer to the customers site. He sourced and collected the parts needed locally and got the machine back to fully functioning quickly. This not only saved the customer money by resolving their issue in one call out and quickly. It also kept their business functioning and increased the customers respect and appreciation for the high level of service that George gave on behalf of Scobie.


George is a highly respected and valuable asset to the Scobie team. The management regard him as the matriarch of the engineers and rely on him to motivate trainees, and help guide and stretch other engineers to enhance their knowledge and capability within the Vending industry. George does not cut corners. If a job needs doing, do it well is George’s approach. With this mind set, George almost always fixes his machines at the first site visit.


George contributes a wealth of knowledge across many disciplines within the industry as a service engineer, and by his day to day interactions with customers and other vending professionals.


We asked his internal service controller to summarise George in one sentence. This is what he said “George is an absolute pleasure to work with. He emits a positive attitude to every job I task him with, he motivates engineers and his character and humour are always a welcome distraction. He is quite simply a pleasure to work with, a model engineer”.


We asked his Line Manager for a simple quote, here is what he had to say. “George has an infectious and positive attitude, he knocks down obstructions to ensure he comes out with a positive, yet professional solution to any problem. He embraces and encourages positive, forward thinking changes and gives unrivalled support to his colleagues, whilst also giving invaluable input and advice to manufacturers on new product lines under development”.