Nayax UK – Joseph Gorjian


Category: Best Customer Service Award

Nominee : Joseph Gorjian

Company Name: Nayax UK

Company: Nayax UK


Customer Support can be a stressful, thankless position. You’re trying to fix problems that might not necessarily be your product’s fault, and you’re trying to educate your customers as to best practices to ensure that these problems don’t reoccur. The stress is magnified when the problem can affect customers’ sales and bottom line.

Nayax, as a global company, prides itself on its support capabilities and is well known for emphasizing the importance of customer satisfaction as part of our operations.

To deliver excellent customer support, our team needs to be customer-focused. Responsiveness, professionalism and technical expertise are key to providing superior support.

Joseph Gorjian, Customer Support Manager at Nayax UK has those skills and more, in assisting customers to achieve the best possible results using Nayax’s cashless payment solution. Customers appreciate the excellent turnaround time and assistance from Nayax’s support staff, and routinely, we hear praise from customers about the quick reaction time and effective assistance. While most customers don’t have the need to turn to customer support, those who do are swiftly seen to. Joseph solves their problems, politely and efficiently, to ensure these customers can restart operations as soon as possible.