Natalie Fee – Founding Director City to Sea

Natalie Fee – Founding Director City to SeaNatalie Fee – Founding Director City to Sea
We currently have a wonderful opportunity, quite literally, in our hands. Plastic is the one calling card laying on every beach and riverbank around the world and is the most popular and most talked about environmental issue of our time.
In sharing my personal story of campaigning against plastic as source, I hope to inspire us to recognise that we are all powerful change makers. It is through our local consumer choices that we hold this exciting opportunity for global environmental impact.


Who is City to Sea?
City to Sea is an award-winning non-profit organisation running campaigns to stop marine plastic pollution at source. Through our fun, solutions-focussed initiatives we’re empowering individuals to make a difference in their communities, working with corporates and retailers to help them tackle plastic pollution and reaching millions of people with our digital content.
After our successful ‘Switch the Stick’ campaign in 2016, calling on all retailers to swap from plastic to paper stem cotton buds (a move which will stop over 400 tonnes of single-use, non-recyclable plastic at source every year), in 2017 we went on to work with UK water companies on our ‘Unflushables’ campaign, raising awareness about the 7% of plastic on our beaches that’s coming from our homes and are currently piloting a menstruation education programme in 22 schools. Now in 2018, we’ve recently secured two years of funding to scale up our free, national drinking water campaign, Refill. Refill makes refilling on the go easy, fun and rewarding through our free Refill app, and this month we won gold for ‘Best Behaviour Change’ in the Global Good Awards! We now have over 10,000 Refill Stations on our app across the UK, with national chains coming on board over the next few months.

We are grateful to Natalie for her assistance in raising awareness of this high profile topic. Natalie will be available after the speakers program as part of our Round-table discussion event taking place in the Trade Show area.
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