(MIA) Micro Injected Air Milk Technology – Vitro M5, Coffetek

Coffetek are pleased to present the Vitro M5 fresh milk system #foamsweetfoam

The Vitro M5 is the first machine in the award-winning Vitro range to incorporate MIA (Micro Injected Air), technology. Thanks to this patented system the Vitro M5 prepares drinks with a delicious hot or cold milk foam, like the best barista. High pressure air is injected into the milk to create millions of bubbles coated with casein, the most important protein component of fresh milk, creating a velvety and uniform texture.

Because MIA uses micro injected air there is no steam boiler, which means there are no costly annual maintence inspections. It offers maximum safety as there is no chance of steam escaping from the system and is super energy efficient as it only heats the milk required for the service.

The hygiene system is simple too, an ‘every service’ flush is performed as well as every 15 minutes, this means that a full clean is only required every 48 hours, which is automatic and only takes 10 minutes.

The M5 also has a smart fridge interface, using the M5 smart fridge means that we are able to monitor milk temperature and switch off milk-based selections if the temperature is too high. The Vitro M5 also incorporates a dry milk canister in the machine, if you run out of fresh milk – no problem, the smart fridge senses this and switches the machine to dry milk. Also a great feature if you don’t want to run fresh milk 7 days a week, for example at weekends.

We have also incorporated the new V30 variable espresso group, able to produce coffee with 7g – 14g by menu selection, producing superior espresso shots.

The Vitro M5 has a full range of accessories including contactless payment integration and a cup warming cabinet.