MatiPay S.R.L.

At MatiPay, we strive to bring sustainability to the vending market. The extensive use of disposable cups, plastic bottles and aluminum cans in vending is a widely known and debated topic. It is also true that not all of them end up in a proper recycle. Our company’s climate goal is to reduce plastic use and encourage recycling. To do so, we have made technical integration of our payment system with reverse vending machines. We are proud to be among few fist companies in vending to provide this service.


Now a user can generate ‘shreddings’ for every purchase from a vending machine and once the item is recycled, the user gets a cashback. The amount of cashback can be set up by vending operators and include cash, discount or loyalty program points. We have witnessed that a bonus in loyalty points works equally well and encourages users to recycle their plastic waste, thus helping the planet and raising awareness of the climate issues. Make your break eco-friendly with MatiPay!