Marc Mackay, Express Vending Ltd

Marc has always shown great work ethic and a can-do attitude when fixing machines and getting to the route of any issue. His desire to learn more means he always goes the extra mile whilst trying to solve any problem he is faced with. He constantly wants to help others achieve their best and is open to sharing the knowledge he’s acquired and takes the time to talk to anyone who needs his help.

Over the past year Marc has proved this more than ever, due to unforeseen circumstances, he has had to cover another engineer’s route and as a result has doubled his workload in the process. Whist this added additional workload, demands and pressure of twice as many customers, Marc continued with his same approach and care for every customer that he always has. He has kept up his high working standards and hasn’t let this affect his response times and other KPIs.

Colleague Testimonials
Marc demonstrates our core business values of perfection and fairness continually, and always tries his best to assist his customers, fellow colleagues and myself. He is a great representative and asset to Express Vending.
Rachel Webber – Area Service Manager

Marc is very passionate about getting machines working and keeping the customer happy. If I ring him with a problem, he will meet me or talk me through it over the phone, nothing seems to be too much trouble for him. He genuinely wants to help me which I appreciate in a colleague. Overall, he is helpful, patient and determined, a real credit to the Service department.
Debbie Edge, Assistant Area Retail Manager

Marc shows exceptional pride and attention to detail with his entire machine base. He has a genuine care and passion for his customers and is always committed to providing an exceptional level of service. Marc has had to cover two patches for an extensive length of time and has maintained his targets and high levels of service despite the additional workload. This is a testament to his high work ethic and engineering ability.
Tom Abrams, Technical Product Manger

Marc has built a great relationship with his retail merchandisers and customers since joining the engineering team from PDI. Marc is always going the extra mile for his customers ensuring the machines are routinely serviced and all parts fitted in a timely manner. If Marc sees a problem, he acts on this immediately and offers great customer service to his customer base. Marc always provides great feedback to the engineering team especially when he’s come across an issue with a machine that no one else has experienced before and provides clarity on how to fix the problem.
Chelsea Pearce, Installations Manger

From my experience of working with Marc, what I’ve always noticed is that he is a great communicator. When he responds to a call, he will often send follow up information to myself and my team to ensure that we are aware of the issue and how he resolved it. By keeping everyone involved, we are able to manage the customer’s expectations more successfully and are able to educate our team if there is ever a learning point from the issue experienced. He is willing to go above and beyond to support others when they need help, whether that be a quick phone call to help a merchandiser with an issue they are experiencing at a machine, or driving out of his way to meet our Merchandiser who didn’t have the right machine key to ensure we could replenish the machine and not let our customer down. Thank you, Marc, for your support!
Joanna Gaffney, Regional Retail Manager

Marc is my go-to engineer for myself and all of my team, even if Marc is not the engineer for that area. His knowledge of the machines is on point and is always available to talk us through any problems we have.
IBC is Express Vending’s largest site with over 60 machines, with Marc as their local engineer. He is always on-site within the hour to get the machines up and running as he knows how important the customer is to us as a business. He works extremely well with the Retail Merchandisers onsite, and keeps the site contact up to date with any problems. Marc is always commercially aware and constantly thinking of new ideas to improve sales and provide a better service to the customer.
It is a pleasure to work with Marc and have him as my local engineer.
Jenny King, Area Retail Manger

Marc consistently provides high-quality service to all his customers and continually has their best intentions in mind when doing his job. He actively contributes new ideas and solutions to help them get the best from their machines. Marc always takes the time and care to assist anyone who wants to help, and this shows in how well his machines are maintained. Even when faced with long term cover, he continued to maintain his high standards, always meeting his KPIs and doing everything he can for his customer. He truly cares about his customers, and everyone who works with him can see this. It is for this reason that he is nominated for Best Service Engineer.