Lavazza Coffee


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Name of Beverage Brand: Lavazza Coffee

Company Name: Lavazza Coffee

Company: Lavazza Coffee


Lavazza are at the forefront of new innovations within the vending sector. Coffee is naturally at the centre of Lavazza’s universe with the experts in research and development are devoted to select the best qualities to use in Lavazza blends. We have a full portfolio of real coffee products for vending distributors; capsules beans, ground coffee and our increasingly popular Lavazza Prontissimo micro granulated soluble solution. We compliment this by offering machine branding packages, allowing our approved distributors to maximise the profits available through a vending solution when selling fresh ground coffee, or, Micro granulated soluble. Our full suite of products is for forward thinking operators wishing to focus on real coffee experience and bringing the perfect espresso within everyone’s reach.

Over the past couple of years, we have continued to provide support to vending companies with our training centres, our coffee specialists are dedicated to educate on how to handle real coffee for sales people, operators and engineers. We have had approximately 1800 people through our training centre in Uxbridge alone each year. This special part of Lavazza covers the vending, food service and retail sector.

Lavazza, is more than just a quality coffee, it is also an opportunity for your everyday business. 120 years of dedication and passion make us qualified as the coffee experts to the professionals. From bean to blend, we take pride in our coffee at every step. It is this level of care that ensures our products are of the highest quality.