Kolumna H2O Touch with NFC, Zerica

The new Kolumna H2O Touch by Zerica is now NFC-enabled for refills as well as having 2-way IoT-powered communication for remote sustainable servicing.

Zerica is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of water coolers with nearly 90 years’ experience providing chilled still and sparkling water solutions to people all around the globe. A highly innovative company with impressive pedigree, they recently shocked the water market with their ground-breaking touchscreen operated and internet connected systems. These revolutionary products use Zerica’s latest patented energy saving, environmental friendly technologies. They also use an unprecedented array of IoT technologies for two-way communications.

The recently revamped Kolumna H2O Touch is one of the latest products to come out of this steady stream of innovation. It is an ultra-slim unit for chilled, room-temperature & sparkling water. It occupies minimal counter-top space and conveniently has the flexibility to connect to the ideal under sink unit to suit your volume requirements. The Kolumna H2O Touch is also IoT-enabled, digitally controlled with an interactive touchscreen and is bursting with award-winning technologies. After adding IoT connectivity for sustainable servicing from a distance, the big news now is that it now has fully functioning NFC capability for those refillable bottles.

Simply position your refillable bottle, select your drink, and present a NFC tag to the reader on the side of the machine to deduct payment from the available credit, and dispense freshly filtered water with no plastic in sight.

A volume counter calculates how much ‘refill’ water it has dispensed and displays an onscreen message such as: ‘This dispenser has saved … plastic bottles!’ Results can also be aggregated: ‘Dispensers in our shops/in our company have saved …’

This solution truly is win-win. As well as satisfying increasing customer demand for more refill stations, it’s a great way to encourage customer loyalty. NFC tags come in a variety of formats such as keyrings, cards, or embedded in bottle tops. Retailers get paid upfront for the tag device (bottle etc.) plus credit top-ups and as the Kolumna H2O Touch is IoT-enabled, they also have a full log of water dispensed plus detailed information about appliance status, maintenance needs and more with all information is available remotely from any PC or smartphone as well as on screen.

This availability of information is due to another critical element on the Kolumna H2O Touch. AUXILIA is Zerica’s exclusive remote monitoring and management IoT platform which allows you to manage and even service equipment remotely.

The sensors on the unit transmit valuable information using SIM connectivity or Wi-Fi. This data is then used intelligently for management & monitoring purposes. There is a dashboard overview for management at a glance with graphs & key data by customer by machine available for analysis. Email alerts for regular maintenance & warnings for technical issues help you keep on top of the situation. Key parameters such as dispensed volumes, filter usage, CO2 levels, and unit status are all available to view in real time with technical metrics (voltage, pressure, temperature & more) also available. AUXILIA means you can plan routine maintenance with confidence & optimise routes to minimise service miles.

You can even run diagnostics and MODIFY parameters remotely for sustainable servicing from the comfort of a desk to minimise emergency call-outs & downtime. If a visit is required, engineers arrive fully equipped for a first-time-fix. Routine visits are optimised and interventions reduced so environmental impact & support costs are reduced for efficient and sustainable servicing. Another element of this highly sustainable plumbed-in machine is that you can programme in energy saving periods to minimise & optimise consumption. Units are made from 100% recyclable stainless steel and use highly efficient Direct Chill cooling technology for very low energy consumption and very high performance levels.

NFC & IoT-enabled, plastic free with sustainable servicing and allowing maximum control over the unit remotely, the Kolumna H2O Touch is just the kind of innovation we need at the moment to set satisfaction levels to high and put the environment at the top of the agenda!