Kairos, Rhea Vendors Group SpA

Kairos is the name of the futuristic coffee machine created by Rhea Vendors Group and the renowned stage director Davide Livermore to celebrate the company’s 60th year in the business.

A limited-edition machine that transforms the concept of the coffee break, combining quality coffee with the value of time.

Indeed, the 60th anniversary machine revolutionizes the traditional vending machine with a deliberately oversized screen (49-inch) which, thanks to an app, enables consumers to choose their drink using touchless technology and then go on a 32-second experiential journey, filled with beautiful images and evocative sounds while waiting for the drink to be dispensed.

The machine brings together the importance of time with the quality of good coffee, adding a touch of culture to the coffee break to create a whole new consumer experience.

Kairos features a curved screen on which the image of a coffee machine appears, while behind the screen there’s an actual machine that dispenses coffee, managed remotely by a mobile app.

From the moment the coffee starts to brew, the interface switches to a video designed to enliven your coffee break from both an emotional and multisensorial point of view. A soundtrack, composed specifically for Kairos, is perfectly synchronized with the video.

This is how Davide Livermore describes the concept: The theatre has the ability to take us back to our childhoods, enabling us to create magic. The journey may only last a few seconds, but it can be extremely vivid. Time itself can stand still or speed up with theatre and art. Talking with Rhea, I envisaged preparing the best cup of coffee possible in 32 seconds. I believe that in this day and age, one of our biggest achievements is the possibility of taking some time for ourselves and forgetting about our anxieties. So my aim was to bring these factors together: the imaginative power of the theatre with a 32-second piece of time which we can dedicate to ourselves. A chance to restore contact with ourselves through the medium of a multisensory journey”.

The best way to present Kairos is watching the video: