iX Water Filter, European WaterCare Ltd.

iX Water – The British made truly eco-friendly water filter cartridge, treating water with respect.

The iXWater Filter is the first truly eco-friendly cartridge filter made in Britain, offering Insert Refill technology to provide a genuinely sustainable and cost-effective alternative to mainstream cartridge filters.

Our unique Media Insert Technology allows us to recycle ALL the plastics returned to us. In addition, we regenerate the resin media inside our refills and re-use it in our replacements. This allows us to keep your costs to a minimum whilst providing an ethical service, sensitive to our planet’s delicate eco-system and minimise the amount of plastic used to manufacture

When you order your replacement Media Insert Refill, you’ll also have the option to receive a free recycling kit consisting of a pre-paid envelope, and a sealable, watertight bag. This makes returning your expired cartridges to us as simple as possible and will no doubt comply with your own environmental policies.

WaterCare was founded by the principles of reuse and regenerate. This remains core to our values and is further developed through iX Water.

We are passionate about providing cost effective, eco-friendly water treatment solutions. Our NEW, improved iX range of water filters, along with our Replace & Return Program provide an easy, responsible and cost-effective alternative to one-way systems.