Hot Beverage Brand of the Year

Van Houten, Barry Callebaut Beverages

Van Houten – A traditional brand with a legacy that is accessible today One of Barry Callebaut Beverage UK’s premium brands, Van Houten has been around for almost 200 years and is a name that is synonymous today with delicious and authentic chocolate drinks.

There are currently 22 products in the range with variants of chocolate products including fair trade, low sugar, liquid and white chocolate – which is why it remains the favourite for true chocolate aficionados. It’s all in the pedigree and, of course, Barry Callebaut Beverages UK is part of the Barry Callebaut Group, the only fully-integrated supplier of chocolate and cocoa products, responsible in 2016 for the processing of ≈925,000 tonnes or 22 per cent of the world crop. Being part of the Barry Callebaut Group means that we’re a part of the world’s leading chocolate manufacturer. When it comes to chocolate, you simply can’t get better and we’re incredibly proud to be a part of this huge global, influential presence. It drives a certain expectation and customers look to us to supply the best products and to guide them as to which of our drinks will suit their respective environments.

The Van Houten range includes beverages to suit everyone, providing a perfect fit for a whole host of different vending partners. Our customers’ customers make up a discerning market and they demand quality and choice: Leading with great value for money, consistent quality and stable operating functionality, the products in the range provide a wide range of options with a premium taste that instantly upgrades any application. With more and more consumers keen to discover fresh alternatives to the classic coffee and choco drinks, there is always a flow of new drinks to market. However the quality and the taste of Van Houten’s range of drinks remain timeless and our audience not only stays faithful, but it also continues to grow. We have witnessed different trends and catered to all tastes over the years but Van Houten is the brand that is a constant and that consumers are always happy to return to when they are looking for the consummate hot chocolate drink. It should come as no surprise then that Van Houten sits at the pinnacle of our product range: A traditional European brand, steeped in authenticity and quality, providing an indulgent drink with a conscience, the Van Houten range benefits from the substantial activities by Barry Callebaut that have a positive effect on sustainability. See the video below to learn more about “Forever Chocolate”. This is a drink that has it all and you can literally taste those credentials in every cup.