H2O Hydration Station

The all-new H2O Hydration Station is unlike other water machines available on the market, with a build quality and sustainable ethos that wipes the floor with anything else in the premium water dispenser market.

The dispenser was developed from the ground up with a mandate to reduce plastic waste and pollution by encouraging bottle refills, rather than relying on single-use plastic. In Britain alone, 75% of litter is currently caused by ‘drinking on the ago’, according to a report by Keep Britain Tidy.

The public can reduce waste and eradicate the need for a single-use plastic bottle by using a H2O Hydration Station to refill their water bottle.

Based on live data from a single site (a secondary school), one particular Hydration Station that was installed last year is on course to remove 168,000 single-use plastic bottles from the environment in a 12-month period.

The H2O Hydration also uses a ‘flash’ cooler, meaning it is highly energy-efficient. Water and juice dispensed from the machine is chilled only at the point of drink selection. Designed and built in Britain, the machine and its production process is as sustainable as it possibly can be.

Almost ready for launch prior to the pandemic hitting in March 2020, the machine’s launch was delayed due to the first nationwide lockdown. Westomatic turned this negative into a positive, further developing the machine’s design to address the ‘new normal’ requirement for Covid-safe solutions.

As a result, Westomatic’s engineers redesigned the H2O Hydration Station to include Hover Select technology – meaning no touch is needed to use the machine, it is completely contactless. From selection to cashless payment and dispensing, there are zero physical touchpoints. It is a completely Covid-safe hydration solution.