Gary Bailey, Express Vending

Gary has been with Express Vending for over 6 years and within that time, he has worked in a variety of different roles and excelled in all of them. Gary joined Express Vending as a Retail Merchandiser and soon proved that he was the right person for progression. He is reliable and hardworking, with solid problem solving and technical skills. He was promoted to Senior Retail Merchandiser and then Retail Assistant Manager, where he was given additional responsibilities and targets which he exceeded. His people skills, continuous support and teamwork, led to improved team morale and engagement of his colleagues.

Gary involves all of his employees in setting operational and quality goals and determining how to reach these in order to create a team approach and provide excellent customer service. This resulted in him being promoted to his current role as Area Retail Manager, where he is now responsible for all operations and retail for the City London team. I am always very impressed by Gary’s ability to complete the work assigned to him on time, and his willingness to support his co-workers by sharing his experience and ideas to help others manage their workload. He has spent a lot of time training and developing his team’s skills and knowledge to enable them to progress within their own roles. Overall Gary has built an extremely strong and successful team that support each other in any situation leading to a better service for his customers.

Gary is a great asset to Express Vending. During his time, Gary has gone out of his way to welcome newcomers and resolve any problems they might have. He is happy to share his opinions and ideas at departmental meetings, but also listens to what others have to say including constructive criticism. Gary has the ability to guide his team to achieve great results and he always goes the extra mile for both the team and his customers, this is a testament to his success at Express Vending.

Customer Focus

Gary has always had a great relationship with his customers throughout his time at Express Vending. He has regular account management meetings with his customers to make sure the business and his team deliver the best possible service and standards. He regularly reviews visit frequency depending on seasonality and usage, investigating any technical issues his customers might be having and is continuously looking to see how he can improve the offering and selection in his machines to meet customer requirements. He works closely with his clients to develop opportunities for both our business and the end-consumers using the machines.

Gary has excellent communication and interpersonal skills which helps him to deal with any customer enquiries. He is extremely proactive and has developed strong problem-solving abilities in order to resolve any issues which might affect customer satisfaction. He has also encouraged this customer focus mindset within his team, to continuously drive improvements and go above and beyond for his customers.

For the above reasons, we believe that Gary deserves the Area Manager of the year award at The Vendies 2020 for all of his contributions to Express Vending and his customers.

Client Testimonial

“Gary Bailey is great – he is proactive dealing with all our requests and always makes sure we get top service.

Big thumbs up!

Kind Regards,

Make it Cheaper”

Colleague Testimonial

“Gary is an excellent Area Manager who always goes above and beyond what the job entails to ensure he looks after not only his customers but his team. He has always been a go to person at Express Vending whether you need help, need to get in touch with someone, get something to a customer quickly, or simply need a favour. You can really count on him and he is very much deserving of this award.”

Lara Stevens, Sales Manager- Everyday Essentials

Nomination by Jevgenij Kostin

“Gary is a great, hardworking, dedicated person who always completes his tasks on time and in professional manner. His experience and attitude dealing with clients and colleagues is a great example of perfection.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gary for Area Manager of the Year at the 2020 Vendies Awards.”

Jevgenij Kostin – Regional Retail manager