Express Vending – Hannah Brown


Category: Best Route Operator

Name of Route Operator: Hannah Brown

Company Name: Express Vending

Applicant Name: Matt Sayers

Company: Express Vending



  1. Summary

Hannah joined the Express vending family on the 11th September 2017, and life has not been the same since. As a mum of 5 young children she immediately settled herself as “mother hen” to her team, bringing a compassionate ear, a positive attitude, great humour and a general sense of camaraderie to our daily activities.

In her short career with us she has undertaken challenging tasks and had some huge achievements in her role. Hannah started with Express learning how to clean and replenish all machines within our data base (which is a daunting task for all new recruits), however she was also the first recruit to be placed on our Micro Market sites, without any previous operator experience. This meant on day 1, she was learning two, very different, job roles.

Hannah took to these roles with enthusiasm and passion for delivering the perfect service. She was patient with the new systems and provided excellent feedback to her managers for improvement. She has delivered excellence on a daily basis.

She has informed us that she plans to be an Area Manager at Express Vending, of which we have no doubt she will achieve her goal.

  1. Knowledge

Hannah has taken on board our ambitious revenue goals and works daily to incentivise her customers to use her machines through effective merchandising, frequently rotating products; and delivery excellent coffee through clean machines.

Hannah is one of the few to have taken over ordering fresh food for her locations from her manager as she has demonstrated an acute understanding as to what demographics make up her sites, and how this influences their eating habits. Since taking over the ordering she has been able to reduce her weekly wastage percentage from 9% to 7%, saving the company more than £30 per site, per week in wastage.

  1. Customer Testimonials

“The service we receive from Hannah is five-star plus!!

Hannah is an asset to Express Vending and is the face of Express Vending when she is on site, always keen to help and deal with any query from the guys on the shop floor to the office staff and managers, to ensure that everyone on site is happy and have what they require. Everything is done with a smile whatever the circumstances.

As you know, we moved from having a working canteen to having a Food hub and this has worked incredibly well and part of the reason is because Hannah is here every day and has built up a relationship with the staff and this makes it more of a personal service, which I can say that everyone here really appreciates. Believe me it’s difficult to keep the shop floor staff happy but Hannah has done just that by engaging with them daily.

Hannah’s attention to detail for keeping the hot drinks machines spotlessly clean has been noticed and commented on by many people; she makes sure everything is thoroughly clean.

The food hub is kept well stocked and Hannah does this in a timely manner to ensure it is stocked for all our shifts, as well as having the responsibility of reordering the consumable items on our behalf – again this is done smoothly and efficiently, without any fuss.

Hannah is very pro-active and liaises with me if there should be any issues on site regarding the food hubs or hot drinks machines and she will always go beyond to help.

We are proud to have Hannah as our Retail Merchandiser and we sincerely hope she wins this award as she truly deserves it for her total dedication and friendliness, to all on site at Sealed Air.” Pauline Browning, Buyer – Sealed Air

“Hannah has been looking after us for the past year or so, she is always there first thing in the morning with a big smile and cheerful manner. Any requests are sorted as ‘No problem’, she always goes that little bit extra to make sure we are well looked after.” Jeremy Welch, Facilities Manager – Abaco

  1. Colleague Testimonials

“Hannah has been a huge part of making one of our flagship Hub sites. She’s been there since Day 1 of the launch, working closely with the client to ensure that product range is tailored to their exact requirements and that total consistency of service is offered throughout. Hannah thinks outside the box – introducing seasonal changes to the range, most importantly, listens closely to feedback on site to make changes to the offering to ensure staff members are able to eat and drink exactly what they want throughout the working day. Hannah is a true asset to the business and is key to Hub expansion moving forwards.” Katy Holden, Sales Manager

I have managed Hannah since she started at Express Vending back in September 2017 and I couldn’t be prouder of her! Her commitment to the customer and to the job role is evident through her exceptional customer service and willingness to always go above and beyond. Hannah is an extremely valued member of our team, supporting not only myself but all of her fellow team members whenever they need. She takes pride in everything she does and her work ethic is an example to everyone. Without her energy and commitment, we couldn’t have achieved half as much as we have this year. I couldn’t think of anyone who deserves this award more. Joanna Gaffney, Area Retail Manager

  1. Nomination by Ashlee Jewell

I nominated Hannah for this award for all the reasons stated above, but mostly because I find her to be inspirational individual – our team “hero”. Negativity is damaging to any business and can be incredibly infectious (particularly for teams that start at 3:30am, as Hannah and her colleagues do). I have yet to see Hannah negative, or see her in any other temperament then “bright and bubbly”. She lifts the mood of the room, the team and the wider Express family. I’m inspired by her enthusiasm for life, her excellent attitude towards the company and her commitment in her role. Once Hannah’s work is complete and her customers are happy, she heads home to her second job as “Mum” – which she tackles with the same enthusiasm.