Express Vending – Bianca Paun


Category: Best Route Operator

Name of Route Operator: Bianca Paun

Company Name: Express Vending

Applicant Name: Matt Sayers

Company: Express Vending



Bianca has been with us for just over a year and in this short time we have already noticed Bianca is one of our true stars. When Bianca started she put in around 12-13hr days on her own accord, making notes in her training diary, about where to park, what time to enter the building, names of receptionists, the list goes on. Bianca has taken full accountability of her route and always reaches out to her manager to suggest improvements to the route.

Bianca has been approached by our Trainer the Trainer Programme as she is our go to operator whenever we have new people joining the business. Bianca speaks highly of the company and always has a smile on her face come rain or shine.

We look forward to what Bianca can continue to bring to the company and believe she will go very far with Express Vending.

Knowledge of the business

Planning routes and ensuring we are visiting sites efficiently is a crucial part of any manager’s job to ensure we deliver exceptional service. Bianca works collaboratively with her managers to help reduce visits, add visits and ensure we are maximising her time. Bianca shows great business acumen and industry knowledge in this sense as each site is different in any given month, resulting in Bianca hitting her monthly targets this year.

Customer Testimonials

“Bianca is always friendly, positive, professional and shows a good work ethic. I believe that Bianca is the best operator that we have had, she is extremely thorough when cleaning the machines and refills them properly every time, I do not think that we have had to request a call out in between her scheduled visits for unscheduled refills. Bianca is conscientious and pro-active and has in the past requested your engineers to attend for potential problems that she notices within the machines before they become issues. Bianca is an extremely good ambassador for Express Vending.” Tracey Morris, Receptionist, Dentsply, Weybridge

“When Bianca comes to see us, she is always really cheerful and stops for a (quick) chat. It is really such a pleasure to have her visit the office. Whilst servicing the machine, she is always efficient and knows the right amount of coffee to fill it with (and leave behind to keep us going until her next visit). She always leaves the office clean and tidy, like she hadn’t been in, and the inside of the machine always seem to be spotless when she has visited.

When she is off on holiday, you can really miss her presence. Whilst her colleagues who cover her do a great job, it is just not up to the same standard of Bianca.” Kelley Burrows, Reception Manager, Crestron

“Bianca is a current employee you hire to cover various sites including our bakery in Weybridge surrey, she’s an extremely dedicated person who never fails to turn up on this site without a smile on her face, she has been servicing our machines for a few months now and always asks if everyone is enjoying the beverages which you provide here, you can tell she’s loyal and committed member of your staff as she’s very passionate about what she does. As soon as Bianca walks through the door she always asks if the machines are working ok, (they usually are) if for some reason they are not then she’ll quickly rectify the problem so staff members here can enjoy a drink.

She’s an asset to your company and you should be very proud to have someone like her working for you, a loyal and committed person.” Kevin, David and Kofo. Security Team, Brooklands Bakery

Employer Testimonials

“Bianca has a fantastic attitude towards work, always trying to push herself with new tasks, showing her willingness to adapt and improve her sites. She has never let me down and puts her customers first.

If she feels like she’s made a mistake, she will be the first to put her hand up and correct the problem, always giving 100%.” Stewart Fox – Area Retail Manager, Express Vending

“Bianca’s attitude is infectious as she is always smiling and welcoming to all her peers and managers. Bianca manages her day so she can provide the best service to our customers, nothing is too much to ask.

Bianca is there to put a face to the service and to formally introduce herself as a true ambassador of Express Vending,” Tom Hopkinson – Head of Retail, Express Vending