Express Vending – Andreea Samoila


Category: Best Route Operator

Name of Route Operator: Andreea Samoila

Company Name: Express Vending

Applicant Name: Matt Sayers

Company: Express Vending



  1. In Summary

Andreea Samoila started with Express Vending in May 2017 as a trainee route operator. Andreea came to Express Vending after the recent birth of her first child (we actually interviewed her in a café in a shopping centre in Northampton, so she was able to bring her baby!).

After an intensive month-long training programme, she was sent out to cover a full route of 30+ machines. We were delighted with his performance from the beginning. Although initially Andreea struggled with her stock & cash management processes, she soon got to grips with the best practises and she left no operator errors on any of her machines. Andreea showed a refreshing ‘can-do’ attitude during her first six months and never seemed to get flustered with an extremely busy route in Northampton!

Four months into her probation period with our Company, Andreea was so happy that she recommended to her husband that he should come and work for us! At that time her husband, Alex, was working as a General Manger of the food outlets at a motorway service station. Alex did duly join the company as a Retail Merchandiser and has since enjoyed a meteoric rise through the department ranks, and will be starting his new role as an Area Manager in August.

Over the last year Andreea has continued to perform above expectation and she has never lost her ‘can-do’ attitude. Andreea leads by example and takes pride in her work, and this attitude rubs off on her peers.

Andreea has built up a great rapport with her customer base, as well as internally within the business, as is demonstrated within the testimonials.

Our client retention in Andreea’s route is very high, averaging out at 98%, which is testament to the effort she puts into his customer service.

As our business has evolved and adopted a retail-centric approach, Andreea has developed and grown her personal skill-set to compliment this. Andreea views each of the machines on her route as a shop, and she understands that in order for each ‘shop’ to maximise its sales potential it must be not only filled and clean at all times, but also must sell products that the end users at each site would want to buy. Andreea does this by talking to the end users in each site and asks them to suggest any items they would like to see in their vending machines, she then goes out of her way to source these items with the help of our warehouse manager. This retail mentality ultimately drives usage through the machines to the benefit of Express Vending.

We are delighted to be able to nominate Andreea for this award to highlight and recognise everything she contributes to the ongoing success of Express Vending.

  1. Retail Merchandiser Position

Overview: To complete weekly tasks dictated by a handheld device, ensuring all types of vending machines are merchandised fully and cleaned to Automatic Vending Association hygiene standards. To sell as much product as possible through the vending machines, by ensuring that relevant stock is correctly loaded and positioned into the machines, they are hygienically cleaned and replenished, and left in an attractive appearance, to encourage consumers to buy, thus maximising sales and revenue

Reports to: Area Retail Manager.

Working closely with: All departments, as well as all RMs within the Hertfordshire Area team.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  1. To ensure your work route is adhered to at all times. Work hours start from arrival on your first job to the completion of your last job.
  2. To ensure that all vending machines are filled and cleaned to the required levels as per Company guidelines at any given time.
  3. To carry out all daily tasks on all vending machines on your route in accordance to Vendmanager, and in line with Company procedures and any Client specific Service Level Agreements.
  4. To complete all the relevant stock and cash controls across the machine base and on the company vans.
  5. To fix occasional faults on machines e.g. cup jams, blocked mixing bowls etc. and report all machine faults to the Service Desk.
  6. To report all accidents, unfit foods and customer complaints to your Area Manager or to the Service Desk on the same day that any incident occurs.
  7. To ensure that deliveries are stored in the correct place on your van and that stock is rotated to minimise waste and ensure no “out of date” products are used.
  8. To ensure that the storage facilities in your vehicle are kept clean and tidy at all times.
  9. To maintain the vehicle in accordance with the servicing schedules. The vehicle must be kept in a satisfactory road worthy condition at all times.
  10. The vehicle must be kept clean and tidy both inside and out at all times. Any defects must be reported to your Area Manager immediately.
  11. To comply with the laws of the road, drive carefully and considerately at all times and hold a current clean driving licence. To report any endorsements to your manager.
  12. To ensure that all locks and secure storage areas of your vehicle are in good working order. Any faults must be reported immediately and arrangements made for repair at the earliest opportunity.
  13. To observe all Client Rules and Regulations and Procedures.
  14. To adhere to Company Health and Safety Policies at all times.
  15. To ensure that only Company specific cleaning materials are used at all times.
  16. To ensure that your vehicle remains double locked when left unattended.
  17. To ensure that cash is placed securely in the van safe at all times.
  18. To ensure a high level of customer care is maintained and that this is always conducted in a courteous manner.
  19. To ensure appearance, is kept to the high standards as stated in the Operator’s Handbook, (smart and clean uniform, personal hygiene, well groomed, no visible tattoos).
  20. To adhere to our Clients building waste policy at all times.

III. Colleague Testimonials

In her role as Retail Merchandiser, Andreea comes into contact with a number of colleagues from different departments. It is clear from some of their testimonials below of the positive impact that Andreea has both within her department and the rest of Express Vending.

Tony Bunce – Stock Control Investigator

“When Andreea first started working at Express she found managing her stock counts tough. She always had variances and consistently missed the company targets. Instead of giving up, Andreea asked for more training and help, and through working hard to understand where her variances were coming from, Andreea managed to improve her variances so that she is now one of the best performers in the department!”

Rachel Webber – Area Service Manager

“I manage a team of engineers in Northampton who give me regular reports on the performance of the Retail Merchandisers in each of their patches. A recurring message I hear about Andreea is that if she is unsure of an error on one of her machines, she simply calls her engineer, asks how to fix it, then fixes it if she can. She doesn’t cause her customers unnecessary inconvenience by needlessly placing an engineer call if she can help it. Thanks Andreea!”

  1. Client Testimonials

The lady that comes on site to service/maintain and replenish stock on the vending machines is wonderful and very helpful at all times as well as following all the site rules and no one ever placed any issue, concerns or deviated from anything that is requested to her and that’s always the type of people that anyone likes to deal with.

I have the pleasure to speak to Andreea Samoila almost every time that she is on site and I must tell, there is no issue that she could not sort and always with a smile on her face and that make’s it always a pleasure to deal with people like Andreea.

As I use to say, not every person have the power to change a smile but a smile always have the power to change a person, and it does make peoples day’s better.

Travis Perkins- Gowerton Road

  1. Summary

Running a large team of remote-based Retail Merchandisers successfully requires the individuals within that team to display certain consistent competencies. They need to have outstanding people skills, great attention to detail, but most importantly, they must care about the job that they do. Andreea Samoila embodies our Company philosophy which states that if we look after our Customers, they will look after our Future. Andreea’s route includes a number of customers who operate in challenging environments, and therefore have exact expectations, Andreea not only meets but exceeds these expectations day in day out. Andreea is also proactive in that if she spots any areas of opportunity she does something about them, ‘its not my job’ never crosses her mind!

All of these reasons are why I nominate Andreea Samoila for this prodigious award.