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  • AA First

    AA First are a major supplier of Water Coolers, Water Boilers and related accessories to the trade. We offer, Next day delivery, technical support, dedicated customer services team. We look forward to meeting with you at the business day to explain the benefits of our new products and our industry renowned service.

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  • Botelleros

    Specialized 5 Gallon Water Bottle Racks and Stands manufacturing company since 1994. Botelleros CMA is based in Spain, where the products are manufactured and from where they are sent to many countries like UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal…

    Design and manufacture of exclusive metallic pieces.


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  • EBAC

    Ebac are the market leaders in the European Water Cooler Production market. Ebac, proudly waving the flag of British manufacturing, is defined by its continuous innovation, quality, and market leadership. Ebac has a range of water coolers that feature a number of cutting edge water cooler technologies that customers won’t find in any other water cooler or water dispenser systems.

    The visitors should see us because:
    Ebac Water Coolers enables distributors to lead in their market with unique designs and features unrivaled by any other water cooler.These firsts in innovation offer water coolers that are more efficient and more profitable for all Ebac customers to benefit from.





  • Expert Logic


    Introduction to Expertlogic & the Software Suites.

    ExpertLogic is a company that has specialised for almost three decades in the development of paperless distribution and service control software systems; web based, desktop based and more recently mobile appliance based.

    ExpertLogic have two flagship products; CoolLogic and ServiceLogic. CoolLogic is a distribution based system while ServiceLogic is a service based system. In many instances these complement each other. Accompanied with these flagship products Expertlogic also have nearly 30 years experience in producing bespoke applications putting us in a great position to offer the exact solution for your requirements using very well proven and established building blocks.

    The product CoolLogic has essentially at its core a set of CRM, service and distribution systems that were originally designed for the bottled water supply and associated equipment service industry and is complemented with a myriad of other source code integrated modules. Over time water supply companies have evolved to becoming general beverage supply companies to compete and along with this the software has been tailored to meet the growing needs. 

    More recently the product has been exposed to more specialised coffee distributors with Clifton Coffee Roasters (UK) recently committing to the system. This experience has brought with it yet more enhancements to cater for integrations with industry standard roasting software as well as dedicated functions monitoring the likes of grinder blade usage for automated replacement reminders etc.

    The product has recently benefited from a major overhaul with the introduction of a brand new, multi themed user interface as well as the introduction of a number of additional modules to the standard system providing what we believe to be the most technologically up to date and feature rich software product available for your industry.

    The product on all platforms; desktop, web and mobile has been fully developed in house using in the main standard Microsoft development tools together with other mobile platform specific tools that include java for android.

    The product is available as an in house locally installed solution on your own local or wide area network or alternatively as a hosted solution through our cloud hosting platform or any other of your choice.

    Any documentation that you might have already seen on line through the company web-site, www.expertlogic.com contains screen shots from our legacy systems and not necessarily the re-branded version. However the functionality of the legacy systems is fully included in the latest version with additional tools and visual aids. I regret that due to the current beta test status of the new product that the documentation is not quite ready for release but please feel free to browse the web site and download any documents of interest. If these whet your appetite then the re- branded version will simply add more functionality hopefully exceeding your expectations.

    The beta test program is currently being implemented in the UK prior to its implementation to replace both competitor’s software and our own legacy versions. Best Water Technology (BWT) nationally and Princes Gate Cool Water more locally in Wales are two such companies currently acting as beta test partners and a South African based operation for similar testing on our hosted solution. 

    The pricing of the product remains flexible based upon modules implemented and levels of bespoke programming required to meet your precise needs. I must stress that we will strive to meet all budgetary constraints with the removal of unnecessary modules, attractive payment terms and software licence leasing where this becomes a deal breaker.

    We are Sage developers and have a great deal of experience integrated at source code level through data objects and other wise with smaller sage 50 products as well as the larger sage enterprise products. We have also had direct experience with integration to the cloud based Xero system for smaller clients.

    Expertlogic have also for many years supported its own set of financial modules, when a decision was made to re-brand our core products the extensive availability of more cost effective financial solutions was the reason for the postponement of plans to rebrand the financial elements and we concentrated on integrations as an alternative solution. If standard financial solutions do not satisfy your requirements then we can bring forward our plans to rebrand our own financial modules and provide a total one-stop shop solution.

    You can add such modules as:

    • Complaints register
    • Dedicated service call recording and progression; desktop, web &             mobile
    • Dashboard based analytics
    • User definable reporting
    • Full leads & prospect system; desktop and mobile.
    • Customer self help; web and mobile
    • Document management
    • Direct client communication; email and SMS
    • Map based visual routing aids
    • Map based service call allocation aids
    • Route planning and optimisation
  • H2O Direct


    Established in 2009, H2O Direct specialise in water filtration products for use on coffee machines, vending, boilers and POU water machines. They are sole distributors in the UK for Microfilter vending filters and MCM push fit parts. H2O are members of NIVO, BWCA, EDWCA, AVA, CESA, BSA and Watercoolers Europe.

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  • Zerica

    After nearly 90 years in the business, what Zerica doesn’t know about water isn’t worth knowing.

    Zerica has always been known for its innovation in the water industry so it will be no surprise to see that their latest models are brimming with Internet of Things technologies and simply overflowing with ideas. Touchscreen operated, internet connected water dispensing models with comprehensive telemetry. Whether it’s over-the-counter or under sink, we have a model to meet your needs. Chilled, sparkling or hot water; the choice is yours.

    Zerica: cool just got a whole lot cooler…


  • Zip Water/Instanta