Evoca Group takes Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. Sustainable development is one of the greatest challenges the world is facing, therefore Evoca undertakes to balance its economic interests with environmental protection.

Concern for the environment is a commitment involving all of us at Evoca personally, it is the basis for all our activities. Respect for the environment constitutes an opportunity for economic and social development in a cleaner, greener world. Evoca Group has been in the vanguard of corporate environmental awareness for over 20 years. Many of our manufacturing plants have gained ISO 14001 environmental certification.

This urges us to further improve the results achieved and gives us impetus to set ourselves ever more ambitious targets. Moreover, the brands of Evoca Group produce and market coffee machines which share a common, constructive philosophy: they combine reliability and robustness with a reduced environmental impact during production, use and ultimately, disposal of the product.

At Evoca sites worldwide, sustainability specialists are employed. These dedicated staff members work to implement our programs and to ensure that our sites comply with, for example, ISO and OHSAS standards, to manage environmental and health and safety risks.

All sites worldwide rigorously adhere to an Integrated Health, Safety, Welfare and Environment Policy. The company’s efforts were rewarded with accreditation to the Nestle Supplier Code – a standard that not many businesses are able to achieve.

We have been proud to contribute to society during the COVID pandemic. Our Head Office is situated in the northern Italian city of Valbrembo, which was at the epicentre of the First Wave in Europe. In recognition of the heroic work of staff at the nearby Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital, where many, many medics and ancillary staff fell victim to the virus, Evoca staff engaged in a fund-raising campaign. The company pledged at the outset to ‘at least double’ the amount raised by staff and in March 2020, the sum of 100,000 Euros was donated to the beleaguered facility.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Evoca reacted to an NHS appeal for coffee machines by arranging to deliver shipments of its Flexy Nespresso capsule machine, free of charge, to University College London Hospitals and the Royal London & St Bartholomew’s Hospital. The shipments totalled 60 machines.