EVOCA Commercial Team

How to define ‘good customer service’?

Providing excellent customer service means going the extra mile to make sure a customer is happy and satisfied with a company’s products or services. It also involves providing service to a customer in a timely, pleasant manner. In order to provide excellent customer service, superb communication and problem resolution skills are vitally important.

Excellent customer service involves meeting and surpassing expectations; it means showing the customer how important he or she is, both to the individual handling the query and the business, by ensuring all interaction is friendly, helpful and positive. The aim at Evoca is to leave a lasting impression on customers, by working with them in the best way possible to help them make the right decisions, whatever the issue.

If you relied on Job Titles, you’d conclude that Evoca has a five-strong team covering customers’ queries; but the fact is that everyone at Evoca UK is explicitly committed to serving the customer, to making the business relationship mutually beneficial.

Ironically, Evoca’s customer help desk was, even prior to lockdown, receiving fewer and fewer calls for help and this, alone, demonstrates the success of Evoca’s decision to place ‘self-help’ at the top of its service priorities.

The company’s online resources make it so much easier for customers to conduct their own successful troubleshooting. And why not? The vast majority of issues that engineers encounter can be addressed and overcome without recourse to Evoca’s much-respected Help Desk. It saves the engineers valuable time. The online, interactive reference library even includes instructional videos.

The extent of the available information led one user to compare the resource to the legendary Haynes car maintenance manuals. It empowers engineers, allowing them to scythe machine downtime and thereby to impress their clients by providing a faster, much more efficient service.

Customer service is also at the forefront in the R&D department, which designs new machines around tried and tested technology, leading to the saying ‘once you’ve learned one Necta machine, you know them all.’

The fact that customers are increasingly seeing the help desk as a ‘last resort’ is testimony to the success of Evoca’s move to ‘self-help’. The number of calls handled has reduced and consequently, so has the waiting time. As Sales Director Craig Jukes says, ‘It’s been a win-win.’

Similarly, Evoca’s Parts website falls under the ‘self-help’ banner by making the identification and purchasing of spare parts simple. The site has a simple and intuitive interface, which clearly signposts access to detailed technical documentation covering all the group’s products. What’s more, Evoca designed the site in the form of a unique ‘official store’, to ensure customers enjoy the best possible purchasing experience.

The site is constantly updated and aligned to product development, keeping customers up to speed with the latest machine versions as they come to market.

Among the site’s innovative features is a unique interactive chart, which allows any component to be identified and viewed effortlessly. By using the ‘mouse over’ feature, product information such as image, description, availability and price appear on the screen.

State-of-the art technology ensures customers can use EVOCA Group’s Parts website safely, securely and easily and it’s been optimised for mobile devices.

As the result of this significant and ongoing investment, in terms of customer service, no other machine manufacturer in the sector comes close – and Evoca means to forge ahead by enhancing its offer at every opportunity.